Adoptable Animals

Dogs available for adoption

mishka the dog


History : This sweet but active girl arrived in our care as an owner surrender . Unfortunately her family was experiencing some serious personal issues and had to seek out our help to find her a new home. This wasn’t easy for them at all and we wanted to help them find her a forever home.

Mishka’s is friendly, intelligent and playful. She needs room to run and gets bored easily when left alone. She walks well on a leash and is eager to please. Mishka’s will be a loving and protective member of your family. 


Oakley, this beautiful gentle giant was surrendered to a local Edmonton facility. They reach out to us to find him a family that would love and respect who he is and what he needs for a fulfilling life.
Oakley is an affectionate dog with a goofy personally.  He is unsure around new people and needs slow and controlled introductions, at his pace. 
With his loving nature and experience he will attempt to overprotect his owner, therefore he will thrive with consistent boundaries and an understanding of who he is. 
Oakley needs an experienced home that will follow the training program provided.
willow the dog


History : Willow / Luca ( foster name ) was born in our care and adopted out as an 8 week puppy. Unfortunately she didn’t have proper training / boundaries set out for her and she developed some quirks and returned to us.

Description: Hiya! I’m Willow and I am super excited to meet you! I am very playful and love long hikes through the woods 🙂 My crate is my safe place and I only have occasional accidents in the house. I can sit and am learning stay and lay down but it’s so hard because I just want to explore everything! Mom says I just have some growing up to do still, I’m only 6 months old after all. I know that toys are for chewing and shoes are not. Mom says I’m doing really good with leash training because I’m so food motivated! I do get excited to see other people and doggos just because I want to play with everyone 🙂 I am working very hard to stay beside my foster mom and not jump on people. There are a couple things I will need help with still: I am afraid of towels touching my paws when I need my feet dried and need someone to continue showing me they’re not going to hurt me. I have come along way with guarding my food but I need an adopter that will continue working with me to help me understand they won’t take my food away and I can relax. I am really a sweet lovable girl who wants nothing more than to be someone’s best friend. The girls at the rescue say that they are willing to pay for a session with a good trainer to get me and my family started out on the right foot !!

chai the dog


History: Chai’s mom Cinder came into care emaciated and pregnant. She gave birth to Chai and her 4 siblings

Description: Chai is the biggest sweetheart !! She’s always been a bit camera shy and her pictures haven’t ever done her justice. She’s definitely a must meet !! She was the first pup to come running to her whelping mom Momma Jo and plop herself into her lap for attention. She’s an outgoing little girl with a lot of spunk . Anyone would be lucky to have her join their family.

Cats available for adoption

Christian Grey
Bob with his Santa hat on!

Bob & Christian Grey

This beautiful bonded pair was rescued from an alleyway in Edmonton and brought into care as kittens. Since day one, they have been scared of humans. Unfortunately, they were adopted out as kittens and returned (due to no fault of their own) two years later. This certainly didn’t help their fearfulness of humans. 

Bob and Christian Grey are looking for a quiet home with a patient and loving human(s).
frankie cat


History : Frankie came into care as a semi feral teenager. Frankie has come a long ways but still takes time to warm up.

Description: Hey everybody!!!
This is Frankie, and he is magnificent. This hunk of feline fineness has been in foster care for too long. Let’s find him his forever home!!
Frankie is great with other cats, he is so social and friendly. He loves laying around, batting around bottle caps, watching the birdies outside and chasing the little red dot.
Frankie does not enjoy being picked up or restrained, who does really? He will let you pet him, he really really loves being brushed and butt scratches.
Honestly he’s doing you a favor by not being a lap cat because look at the gorgeous white fur, you don’t want that on your clothes, do you?
Frankie would do best in a quiet home with lots of windows and perches. He has been around dogs and if they leave him alone, he will peacefully cohabitate with them.

If you want to help Frankie find his forever home then please fill out an application or share this post. 

gideon cat


History: Gideon was an only cat for many years with his owner. Sadly his human mom passed away and since has come into our foster care.
�Description: Gideon’s world has been turned upside down since losing his mom who he’s been with for his whole life thus far. He grew up as an only cat with no siblings so he hasn’t taken kindly to the other cat at his foster house. We aren’t sure how he would do with dogs or kids, but Gideon would do best in a calm household.
He has already starting bonding with his foster dad and loves to stalk the laser pointer or play by himself. He is not a snuggler but who knows maybe he could get there with more time. He’s a very good groomer. Gideon provides company but doesn’t ask for too much.

Miss Kitty

Hello! My name is Kitty. I’m approx 3 years old and have lived outside my whole life. I am a really sweet girl who doesn’t cause any problems. I use the litter box, don’t scratch anything and am just a petite sweetheart who would really love a home with a single person or a couple that could have another calm kitty but no dogs, they are for sure scary still. I have so much love to give! I did have 2 kittens a couple years ago (Chunk & Sloth), and after that I was spayed. If you think you have the perfect quiet loving home please apply today 


History: Rescued from the streets of Edmonton Sampson is a survivor. Although he is independent, he does like cuddles before bed. He acts more like a dog than a cat, he comes when he’s called and takes his medication twice a day like a champ! Sampson has hyperthyroidism. To live his best healthy life, Sampson is required to take medication twice a day. (This cost approximately $40/month). 

carlos cat


History: Abandoned on the north end of Edmonton

Description: Carlos is a character! A bit of a picky eater but once he finds the food he likes he LOVES it. Carlos has a hollow leg when it comes to food and he will let you know when he has a rumbly in his tumbly. A very talkative boy he will keep you company with a good chat and sit beside you as you give him some good pets and attention. A very playful kitty, he likes to have fun with found objects, a paper bag rolled into a ball, a stick, a lost hair tie …….. if you have lost something Carlos will find it for you and once he is done having fun with it, he may give it back. He is a very confident and affectionate gentleman but can have a bit of catitude when he is in a mood, he likes to do things in his own time and on his own agenda! Carlos would make the perfect companion for someone who is looking for a good friend and someone to keep them entertained with kitty kat antics! 


History : Sylvester came into care as a stray

Description: Sylvester can be shy at first but once he knows you are his person, he is so loving. His motor doesn’t ever stop, his feet are always kneeding, and if he can reach your face, head butts, face rubs and kisses come in abundance.
He gets along with other cats. He will play with them but if given the choice, he will choose people everytime.
Although he likes to cuddle and talk, he does not like to be picked up. Cuddles are always beside you and will only be on you when he deems it’s needed.
As you can tell from his round figure, food is important. Although living outside for the last 8 months, the neighbour keeping and eye on him, made sure food wasn’t an issue.
If you want a loving affectionate companion, this boy is for you. 

Theo & Tigress

History : Theo lived in a garage with little human contact before he came into care with HLH. He is now a happy house cat.
Tigress came in with her brothers and sisters, all feral kittens. She has taken the longest to warm up to people.
Theo is showing her people are ok.

Description : These two enjoy running around the house, playing in boxes and napping together. Theo is a lap cat and Tigress is slowly trying to join him there, she’s still a little skittish. They love treats, laying in their perch, in the sun, watching the world go by.
They are a bonded pair and must be adopted together 

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