group of puppies rescued in back of truck

Back in 2012, Jessica Dial discovered a small rural community in Alberta that had a dog overpopulation problem. After witnessing countless litters of puppies suffering from preventable contagious diseases such as mange and parvo she decided to do something about it and formed Hope Lives Here Animal Rescue.

Initially, the focus was to rescue, rehome, and rehabilitate dogs in need from this community but over time the mission evolved to help dogs & cats from various other communities and situations.  

Jessica stepped down from Hope Lives Here Animal Rescue in 2016 to focus on her new and growing family.  She passed the torch to Alayna Astle who has been a committed volunteer with HLH since its inception in 2012

Hope Lives Here Animal Rescue works with field volunteers in several rural communities across Alberta to rescue dogs & cats in need.

Rescued Dogs and Puppies
On-location Recovery -- Hope Lives Here Rescue society team to rescue a dog.
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