Meet the Team

Alayna - HLH rescue Society Team Member



My rescue experience began in 2011, when I attended a Valentine’s Day photo fundraiser in support of a local rescue with my pride and joy; Keely (age 11) and Tora (age 10). Keely is an Akita/Bullmastiff/Rottweiler/Shepherd mix and Tora is a pittie mix. I was lucky enough to be the fur mom to Charlie, my big Boxer boy for 4 amazing years. Sadly he left me in 2017.

I first began fostering and quickly realized I wanted to be involved in other areas of animal rescue as well.

I met Jessica Dial in 2011 through volunteering with a local animal rescue and we became fast friends. We both worked in the legal field and shared a huge love for animals.

In 2012, Jessica founded Hope Lives Here Animal Rescue. Together, we poured our hearts and souls into HLH. Jessica in Red Deer and myself heading up the Edmonton branch.

In 2016, Jessica, our founder, started a family and, with her blessing, I became the President of Hope Lives Here. Hope Lives Here will forever have a special place in her heart, and I was honoured to take over what she had created.

Since taking over, Hope Lives Here has secured a much larger presence in Edmonton and has continued to grow in Red Deer. We now have foster homes that span all the way south to Calgary and West to Spring Lake.

Jolene- Pet Rescuer


Adoption / Foster / Behavior Coordinator 

I have been involved in Hope Lives Here for almost 11 years and throughout that time I have worn many hats. I started my journey as a foster home and before long became the Foster Coordinator. When the opportunity arose to become the Adoption Coordinator I definitely jumped at the chance to be the face of adoptions and fostering. 

Animals have always been a huge part of my life from a little girl and rescue has set my soul on fire. There is nothing within the rescue I haven’t been a part of. My biggest love is fostering medical dogs & momma dogs with babes. A mega Esophagus pup, a pup with a 50/50% chance of walking again (now he’s running), two neurological pups I have done it all !! Hope Lives Here has some amazing like minded volunteers on our team and I couldn’t imagine them not being a part of the HLH family. 

I plan to be a major part of this group for many years to come!

Tawnya- HLH rescue Society Team Member


Fundraising & Events Coordinator

I’ve been the Fundraising and Events Coordinator since September 2019. Being honored with this position came as quite a surprise to me. One second I’m adopting my big boy Blu; the next, I’m creating my own fundraisers and raising money for the cause because I was determined to make a difference.

My goal is to create as many different fundraisers/events trying to reach a different demographic each time. The more people/families Hope Lives Here can reach, the more exposure we can get to help the most vulnerable communities.

I’m forever grateful for our supporters, sponsors, donors and the businesses that partner up with us. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. I’m looking forward to my years ahead with Hope Lives Here.



Community Liaison

Some people in the community I work with call me the crazy dog lady but at this point in my life I like to think I’m passionate with just a twist of crazy about all animals. Since 2008 I have worked and volunteered in a First Nations community in Central Alberta,  I’m very grateful I have been able to help thousands of people and animals through connection, compassion and education. I’ve been able to move animals to care they need, help support families by providing donated animal necessities and meet some of the most amazing people on my journey both on the Reserve and in rescue. 
In 2019 I first heard about Hope Lives Here while substitute teaching at a school by Pigeon Lake. The community members I talked with had nothing but good things to say about the support and love the organization had shown their small community. Shorty after I was stuck with a dog needing to be rehomed and no fosters available with the organizations I was working with at that time so I reached out to Alayna. 
I’ll never forget that dog, that drive or that day.  
My life in rescue is everchanging but finding Alayna and Hope Lives Here has been a game changer. I’ve not only brought many animals to the organization but also fostered and fundraised when I can and I look forward to growing with this amazing group of volunteers! 


Tanya - HLH rescue Society Team Member


Cat Coordinator

I joined the rescue in March 2020, although my love and work with cats started when I was a young girl. At the age of 14, I volunteered at a vet clinic cleaning cages and helping with reception. It was not the most glamorous job, however it was to me, as I got to spend time with the animals.

On the weekends, I would bring cats home to my mother, who would immediately exclame that they couldn’t stay. However, before Monday came, we would have either found homes for them, or made room in our home. I was lucky to have such an understanding family.

Fast forward to now, not much has changed. I currently have 6 cats in my care; which includes one sick foster kitten. I love working with sick kittens and cats. I find it very rewarding to watch their progress as day by day they become stronger and healthier. However, my favorite aspect of this role; is adoption. Knowing our kittens and cats have found their furever home, where they can live full happy lives makes everything all worthwhile.