Adoption Qualifications & Adoption Fee

It takes more than love to provide a safe home.


Dogs As Gifts:

No dog will be adopted out as a gift (Christmas, Birthday, etc).

Out Of Town Adopters:

Out of town adoptions must adhere to a strict process – no exceptions due to location. Upon passing the phone screening, an extensive video tour of the potential adopters home/yard must be sent to the screening team. Each potential adopter must meet with the foster family for a scheduled visit in the foster parents city of residence. Out of country or province adoptions are not accepted.

Living Conditions:

Dogs are only adopted to indoor homes only. No outdoor only homes or working dogs. Our dogs deserve to be loved inside the home as part of a family.

Rental Properties:

If renting, written permission from your landlord prior to adopting an animal must be provided.


All animals in the potential adopter’s home must be fully vaccinated and up to date on all vaccinations (rabies included). Vaccination Certificates/Records will be requested.


If there is an unaltered dog in the potential adopter’s home, a medical reason must be provided. Further, the potential adopter must present a letter signed by a veterinarian on an official letter head explaining the medical reason for the unaltered state of the dog.

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Prior Pet Ownership:

Potential adopters who have recently had to euthanize an animal for reasons other than severe health problems, or who have surrendered an animal to another organization, or given an animal away will not be accepted.

Adoption Fee:

The adoption fee must be paid upfront and this includes the dogs Spay/Neuter (prior to adoption), up to date vaccinations, microchip & de-wormer. 

Fee for dogs : $500.00

Fee for cats: $200.00 / two cats: $350.00


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