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dog for adoption. Adult dog companion. Adopt Adult dog in edmonton.

Papa Dre

History : Dre came in from one of the communities we partner with

Description : Dre is the perfect boy. He very rarely barks. He is good free in the house has had a couple accidents but he is left too long without going out. He loves his person and will be with you wherever you go. He enjoys being outside sunning . Dre is a very smart boy and listens very well when called. He needs the perfect home where he gets all the attention he deserves

Adult dog for adoption. Adult dog companion. Adopt Adult dog in edmonton.


History : Dave came in from one of our target communities while our team was distributing dog food to the community members

Description: Dave is very playful and get attached quick. He loves toys and loves to play. He’s a bit of a bulldozer and he’s learning space & boundaries but he’s a great boy !! Are you looking for a dog like Dave ? Apply today !! 

Friendly playful black and brown dog , pet friend, dog companion -- Hope lives here -- Edmonton adoption


Someone had reached out, while they were in valley view and had seen that there was 2 puppies on the side of the road shivering and cold. The person picked them up and had reached out to a few people on what he should do. My husband and I ended up taking the 2 pups as the gentleman couldn’t keep the pups anymore.
Well My name is Bo, I’m a fun, happy loving boy. I’m a little hard headed and stubborn in a good way. I love being outside, as I have a very thick coat. My foster parents have a hard time getting me inside the house sometimes. I like to back talk them when they tell me to. I love my little human foster brother. And my foster dog sister. We can play for hours. I also love my foster cat siblings. There tails are always fun to chew on. I like to smack everyone around and trip over my paws because I have no clue how big they truly are. I’m still working on being potty trained. Everyday i get better and better. I’m not keen on car rides yet as I get a little sick. But my foster mom and dad like to take me and the siblings everywhere and I love going no matter the outcome.
Nova- Blacka nd Brown colored puppy for adoption. Adult dog companion.


History: Stray

I am a sweet girl with lots to learn, but I am smart and try my hardest to understand (especially when a treat is my reward). I know how to “Sit” and have almost mastered “Down” but that is a hard one cause my but is so wiggly it does not want to stay put! I am doing really well on my potty training and learning how to walk on my Leash but there is so many interesting things to see and sniff and try to catch and people and other dogs to meet…… that I will definitely need reinforcement of my walking manners to keep me well behaved on leash.
I am also learning to play fetch, I like my tennis ball and just need to work on giving it back, I return it but I sometimes don’t want to let go of it!! I have lots of energy so going to a Family that likes to be active and go for long walks would be a perfect home for me. I would also love a home with a yard as I think I’m gonna grow up to be a big girl ….. at least that’s what I hear everyone say to me when they meet me! I love getting lots of attention and pets and my Foster Mom thinks I will be a snuggle buddy when I eventually get out of the go go go puppy stage. I am Kennel trained so sleep nights in my Kennel and also stay in there when my Foster Mom has to go somewhere and I settle really well and just nap.
They called me Nova, for November, as I was rescued from being found all alone and left outside during the first cold snap in November, I definitely am grateful to Hope Lives Here for recuing me and I love my warm and cozy foster home. I am a Puppy though and I think my full name is “Nova, NO” as my Foster Mom calls me that a lot, I am just being a Puppy and doing Puppy things though but I do try my hardest to listen and behave! If you are ready for some Puppy love and antics, excited about watching me grow up and teaching me best manners, I will be your best friend forever! Please say “ Nova, YES” to adopting me and giving me my furever home!
Puppy Kisses,


History: Stubs came in with his Momma & brothers from a community we work with

Very playful, well natures puppy! Timid at first, but warms up quickly. Quick learner! Kennels at night and throughout the day, learning to sit, recall is coming along quickly! Easy pup to have around, likes cuddles and snuggles. Also loves the snow and outdoors! 

Friendly Dog, dog companion -- Hope lives here -- Adopt in edmonton


History: Came in from a community we work with.

Description: Hershey is a big loveable ball of energy! She has had a rough start but she is a very smart girl, that needs a home with patience. She is super sweet, loves to play with all her toys, and loves cuddles and naps on the bed with her humans!
She is mostly outside trained with the odd accident here and there, but she does know how to use bells on the door to signal to be let outside ! She also knows how to “sit” and we are working on “stay”.
As with most puppies she is teething, and hasn’t quite learned the difference between kisses and biting. Otherwise our only other obstacle has been kennel training. She doesn’t mind being in it when you are close to her, but she’s still working on it when left alone. She doesn’t like being left alone as much so a home with someone that will have lots of time for her training is ideal! She gets along great and loves playing with other dogs, but also likes to be the centre of attention

Friendly Brown puppy up for adoption Edmonton


 History : He came in with his momma & siblings at a few days old

Description: Charlie good with any size of dog. He knows how to sit,stay and wait.Knows how to use the doggie door and is doing good with his potty and kennel training. Charlie would make a fantastic addition to a home where he has a doggy sibling to play with

Friendly mix breed Brown puppy up for adoption Edmonton


History: Came in with his mom and siblings at a few days old.

Description: Frosty is a smart adventurous little fella . He loves to cuddle .He is doing great with being kennel trained and is doing very good with learning to use the outdoors as a bathroom He loves to play but loves cuddling just as much. Do you have a space on your couch for this handsome lil man ?

Mix breed Brown puppy up -- adopt in Edmonton

Momma June

History : she came into care with her 3 babies from a community we work with . She is missing a foot from a previous injury or birth defect? Doesn’t seem to bother or inhibit her.

Description: she is super loving and wants all the affection, toys and cuddles. We are working on leash walking ( a harness is best for her)
She plays well with other dogs.

Mix breed Brown and white puppy up -- Edmonton Adoption


History : Came into care with her 6 siblings and her mama.

Description: Cookie is a cute playful little pup! She loves playing with the other dogs in her foster home, and her favourite game to play with her humans is tug of war! Cookie is a confident and adventurous doggy who also loves being outside! She is kennel trained and almost fully house trained. She loves her treats very much, and is still working on her manners for taking treats nice from your hand, and releasing items from her mouth. She would do well in a home who has time to work with her on a few manners so she can grow up to be the best dog she can be!! 


History: was found all alone on a road in our partner community

Description: My foster momma says I’m too sweet and smart for my own good. Its guessed that I was born the end of September but didn’t find her until the end of January. It was a tough winter but I’m strong and resilient. While getting healthy and waiting for my forever family I love passing time by figuring out all the brain games and playing fetch with all the toys. I’m really good at sitting, shaking and laying down plus I’m working on rolling over. I’m almost fully house trained and I think I like my kennel as much as my comfy beds in the living room. Right now I live with a cat who’s not the nicest of friends but I do have a best dog friend who I love going over to play with. My foster momma thinks I have allergies to beef and chicken and I’ve just started some new lamb food that we are hoping won’t make me itch. If you think you’re my person I can’t wait to hear from you.


 History : Bauer came into care with his siblings from an owner surrender

Description: Hellooooo everyone my name is Bauer !! I’m a super happy go lucky guy who enjoys everyone and everything especially food !! I am told I am a pretty smart cookie ( cookies !!! I love to eat cookies 😉) I am pretty good at going outside to do my business and love love to run around in the snow !! Of course I’m still learning all about the world and what I’m allowed to do and not but I’m just a pup. I’m told I’m much cuter in person but heyyyy I think my photos show off my GQ side , don’t you ? ☺️ I would fit into any family I think as long as I get to be with my people and maybe a four legged friend ? Either way as long as you love me and be my best friend(s), teach me and FEED me (lol) I will be the bestest doggie friend I can !! If you think you’d like me to adopt you please fill out a form today and soon we can travel off into the sunset and make some lifetime memories ❤️


Sweet Gwen is a little lady looking for her forever home. Gwen came into care severely underweight, but has quickly blossomed into a healthy girl! Gwen is fabulous with every dog she’s met so far, she’ll play shy at first and then show you her goofy side as soon as she feels comfortable. She’s fully house trained, has been great on short, leashed walks and thinks of her crate as her safe space. She loves naps with her people and would thrive in almost any home with or without other pets. Gwen would love to meet, if you think she could be the girl for you! 

Friendly playful black and brown dog , pet friend, dog companion -- Hope lives here -- Edmonton adoption


Her and her sister had a rough start in life but have grown so much.
Hi peeps. My name is Halle. I am full of sugar and spice and oohh so very sassy. I am very vocal and very stubborn. I love to playing with all of my siblings and toys inside and outside. I am very energetic and can play for hours. I am learning basic commands and am mostly potty trained. I love my foster humans and could chase the little one around for hrs. I also love cuddle time. I am kennel trained. 

Friendly playful black dog , pet friend, dog companion -- Hope lives here -- Edmonton adoption adorable dog


Her and her sister had a rough start in life but have grown so much.
Hi peeps. My name is Piper.I am a very sweet, gentle and sensitive girl. I am very vocal. I can sit and cuddle with the humans for hours I love to playing with all of my siblings and toys inside and outside. I am a little clumsy but I’m still trying to figure out how these big paws serve a purpose. . I am learning basic commands and am mostly potty trained. I love my foster humans and could chase the little one around for hrs. I also love cuddle time. I am kennel trained.

Black and white Dog adult dog in Edmonton


History : He was picked up by animal control and no one came to claim him.

Desciption : I know Buddy isn’t a very original name but foster mom says it’s perfect because I love everyone and I want to be your Buddy. I want to be by your side no matter what you’re doing. Let’s go for a drive, I love car rides. Let’s watch TV and snuggle all night. Let’s go for a walk so I can sniff allllll the things. I’ll be your adventure buddy!!
I do great in my kennel at night and during the day if I’m given enough things to keep me busy.
I do my business outside like a good boy. I am still young and will need you to teach me not to jump up and to be calm when meeting new people. Foster mom says I’m so smart and the bestest boy.
My best animal friend is a cat named Calvin. We love to play, he doesn’t mind that I chase him. The other cat doesn’t like it so much.
There is still so much for me to learn but I want to be the best boy and I think I would love a home where someone is home a lot. Someone who is strong and confident that can teach me all the tricks and good behaviors. Everything is just so exciting and I can get overwhelmed because I’m still a puppy. I have all the potential to be your best buddy.

*** Buddy’s BFF Calvin ( cat) will be at Petvalu in Edmonton starting February 6th , if you have room in your heart & home to keep them together please consider adopting both. When we say they are truly BFF’s we mean it ❤️ 


History owner surrender .

Fletcher is a big luv bug he is still learning to walk properly he has no clue of his size. He loves everyone and everything . He needs a experienced owner that will help him continue to be his best doggy self. Don’t let his size fool you he’s a big mush and is looking for someone who will love and respect who he is and love him beyond measure !!

Black and white dog, pet friend, pet companion -- Hope lives here -- Adopt in edmonton


Description :

Hank is a very loving little guy who loves to play and cuddle. He is a very mellow boy who aims to please his humans. He is kennel trained and we are still working on potty training.

Friendly playful black and brown dog , pet friend, dog companion -- Hope lives here -- Adopt in edmonton


History : Came in from a community we work with a few days old

Description: Holly is a very friendly young puppy. She loves to play fetch with her ball and tug o war with her doll. After she get all tuckered out, she loves sitting on the couch and cuddling with her kid. She is a big fan of belly rubs and treats.

Friendly playful puppy, pet friend, dog companion -- Hope lives here -- Adopt in edmonton


History : She came in with her siblings and mom at a few days old

Cindy-Lou is an independent, beautiful lab cross. She is smart and enterprising. She will love being challenged with lots of enrichment games. She will do really well in a puppy training class! She will be top of the class cause she figures things out really quick! She understands house training and asks to go out with a whine. (Gotta be quick though cause she is still a baby!!). Cindy-Lou loves to play keep away with a stick and have all the other dogs chase her!!! She will find all sorts of interesting toys to get the others interested in what she has… it is endless cuteness and fun!!

Friendly playful dog , pet friend, dog companion -- Hope lives here -- Adopt in edmonton


History : has been a stray in one of the communities we work with

Description: Leo is the biggest love bug. He will follow you everywhere you go. He is amazing on leash and had excellent recall. He is still learning trust and what it is like to be in a safe place. When he wants you to touch him he bounces his bum at you, it is the absolute sweetest thing. He is so gentle with his foster sister and mimics everything she does. He would do best in a home with another dog as he does have some seperation anxiety.

Friendly mix breed Brown puppy up for adoption Edmonton


 History : He came in with his mom & brothers from a partner community

Description: Just look at this face !! Tony is an energetic typical puppy who enjoys playtime with his brother Griz. He’s working hard on kennel & potty training every day. This boy would make a fantastic addition to any family

Patches - lovingly nicknamed Orphan Annie

 History : Surrendered from a community north of Edmonton

Description: She is a puppy that loves her people & loves to be around them & very content just going with the flow. She is playful in spurts & very good at entertaining herself with her toys when someone isn’t playing with her. She is too smart for her own good & catches on very quickly to whatever you might be teaching her or if you tell her no.