Foster Qualifications



Please be aware of any allergies anyone may have in the home. If they may have allergies, we will not place a dog in the home.

Quarantine Period:

A quarantine period of 2 weeks will take effect when the foster arrives at the foster home. The dog is to have limited contact with other animals outside the home. This is mandatory and must be followed for health reasons.

What does it take to be a foster home?

Fenced Property:

Foster home must have a secure fence. Dog runs are not acceptable. If they live on acreage they must have a securely fenced area.


Every foster home must be within 40 driving minutes of Edmonton or Red Deer.

Adoption Days & Vet Visits:

The foster home must be willing to bring the foster in to vet appointments as well to adoption events in Red Deer or Edmonton.

Living Conditions:

Dogs are only fostered to indoor homes only. No outdoor only homes or working dogs. Our dogs deserve to be loved inside the home as part of a family.

Rental Properties:

If renting, written permission from your landlord prior to fostering an animal must be provided.


All animals in the potential fosters home must be fully vaccinated and up to date on all vaccinations (rabies included). Vaccination Certificates/Records will be requested.


If there is an unaltered dog in the potential fosters home, a medical reason must be provided. Further, the potential fosters must present a letter signed by a veterinarian on an official letter head explaining the medical reason for the unaltered state of the dog.


Foster Home Application 

We’re always looking for quality foster homes for our pets. If you are interested, please apply!

Apply to Foster: