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adopted brothers and sisters when my human mom became very ill.

Casey, aka Mouse, is a sweet but very shy little girl. She craves attention and love but is very scared at first and takes time to trust. She suffered something very traumatic as a young cat and now needs a very patient and loving human who can show her that humans can be kind and loving. Her foster dad is so proud of how far she has come. She is very food motivated, and he used this to help her overcome her fears. He thinks she is the sweetest little girl.

Casey must have a strong, maternal female cat in the home as she seeks that bond with another cat. In her current foster home, Casey has bonded with the resident female and watches her carefully and follows her lead. 

calico cat for adoption in edmonton

Millie & Mika

History: A kind older gentleman set up his garage for stray cats. A mama decided she would use his space to have her kittens. Mika and Millie are two of these kittens! The kind man did his best to feed them and keep them warm but, he realized he needed to stop the cycle. He reached out to HLH so they could get spayed and neutered and have a chance at finding their forever homes.

Description: Mika and Millie are a gorgeous bonded pair of torti’s! They are both still nervous and learning about humans, so they will require a patient forever home that allows them time to blossom.

Mika loves sitting by the window looking at birds and Millie loves the cat tree. They would love to spend their time in a cat tree together, watching the outside world. Mika is always the last to eat but loves treats! You can pet and hold her but Mika may need a bit more time and patience before being held.


History : Steve and his sister Sissy came out of a horrific hoarding situation. It’s a miracle they came out of it without any sickness, injury, or birth defects. Most of the cats from the home were in heartbreaking condition.

Description : Steve is your typical ball of kitten chaos!! He loves attacking his stuffy toys, wrestling with his little sister and getting into everything he isn’t supposed to. He will keep you on your toes, all while stealing your heart with his sweet personality. Like his sister, he likes to tell you when it’s dinner time, and when it’s cuddle time. He goes crazy for treats and wet cat food. When it’s time for bed, he wants to be very close to you and snuggle all night.
Steve should go to a home with another cat friendly feline, or could be adopted with his sister, Sissy. 


History : Sissy and her brother Steve came out of a horrific hoarding situation. It’s a miracle they came out of it without any sickness, injury, or birth defects. Most of the cats from the home were in heartbreaking condition.

Description: Sissy is a snuggly, sweet, vocal, and rambunctious kitten. She loves to wrestle with her brother and chase him around the house.
Sissy has a big, big voice!! She will tell you when she’s hungry and when she wants to be picked up. She loves to eat wet cat food and treats.
She will follow you everywhere and be your shadow. She’ll even jump up on your shoulders while you’re doing chores. When she is all tuckered out, she will snuggle up close to you for a long nap.
With the cutest face in the business and the sweetest personality to match, I don’t think it’ll be long for this sweet girl to find a home. She should go to a home with another cat to play with, maybe even her brother Steve?


We suspect mellow has experienced some great trauma in his young life. We were contacted to help Mellow when he was found abandoned in an empty kennel, soaking wet from peeing.
When Mellow got to his foster home, he started out in a bathroom to decompress. It took his foster mama three weeks of sitting in the room quietly to finally see some signs of trust. After another few weeks, he ate in front of her and would eat his favorite treats from her hand. Mellow then upgraded to his own cat bedroom. Here he has slowly made progression over several months to realize he can trust us humans. He now enjoys pets and will sit on his foster mom’s lap for love.

Mellows gorgeous green eyes, wispy ear hair, and soft pink nose are just the facial features that we love to see.
It has been so rewarding to encourage mellow to trust us and watch him grow into a more confident cat.
He loves face scratches, pets, and treats. He’s learning what toys are and figuring out how to play.
He will need a dedicated, patient cat owner as he needs help through any change big or small. A safe quiet home with a loving owner is what Mellow truly needs. 

Goose & Pigeon

These two beauties were surrendered. We unfortunately do not have much background information about them. So far there have been zero issues or concerns with either cat.

Birds of a feather flock together. Pigeon and Goose are ready to fly into a forever home together.
Pigeon is a soft little lady who loves all that she meets and loves her partner, Goose.
Goose is a boisterous boy who wants to create or be around all the action.
These two are so so friendly, playful and affectionate. Look no further for a dynamic duo

bonded pair domestic short hair cats for adoption in edmonton

Loki & Micah

Loki History: born onto a farm

Micah History: found along a highway

Description: Hi, our names are Loki and Micah! My foster family originally called me ‘Little Orange Kitty’ … which quickly became Loki, for short!

I really like my foster dad, once I jump onto his lap he will stay in his chair until my nap is over

Recently, Micah joined our foster home … she and I immediately became best friends 💙

Where I will be shy to start with, Micah is a purring machine as soon as she sees you! That’s why I like her so much!

Micah and I have ‘zoomies’ throughout the day. Then we have long naps … to prepare for our next play time!

We are looking for the purr-fect home, where we can stay together forever. 😊💙

Loki is a trapped farm cat, she was born on the farm. She had a litter of kittens… but it was so cold, they passed away almost immediately 💔

Micah … her rescuer saw her on the side of a bridge on morning when she was driving to work. Early last April. Took a few minutes, but she caught her … she was pregnant and had road rash 💔

She is a purring machine 💙

Loki and Micah became instant best friends. They are both small, adult female cats. They were meant to find each other 


History: Betsy was one of the Feral 15 rescued during the -40 cold snap in February. She was found with 14 other cats and was one of the last to be caught as she was very wary of people. Despite that Betsy has thrived in her foster house, she is one of the best cats I have ever fostered.

Description: Betsy is an almost perfect cat in every way. Betsy has the cutest little meow that constantly sounds like she is asking a question. While she can be a bit shy at first, once she gets to know you all she wants is to follow you around the house getting pets, love and the occasional treat. She loves playing with toys, especially the ribbon on the stick type of toys and will sit playing with you for hours. I think she would do best in a house without young children as she is learning that she has to play a bit more gentle with people than she does cats. However, I think she would do fine with older children who understand that quick movements can scare her. Betsy loves being around other cats and I think she will need another cat in the house to thrive. Currently she will follow her sister Midnight May around the house looking at her for guidance in new situations. Ideally, I would love her to stay with her sister Midnight May but, I understand that might not be possible.
Her current foster has 2 large dogs and it took her a while to get her to be comfortable in the same room with them. I find if they ignore her, she will ignore them.
While she loves to play with toys both with her foster parents and the other cats, she is also content just to follow you around the house or snuggle up on her favorite window/scratching post and enjoy the sun. 

Midnight May

History: Midnight May was one of the Feral 15 that was rescued during the -40 cold snap in February. She was found with 14 other cats and can be very wary of people because of it.
Description: Midnight May loves being around other cats and will constantly chatter with them. She loves her wet food and absolutely loves playing with toys. Especially the ones she can grab and kick with her feet or ones that make noise. She will play fetch and proudly prance around with the toy in her mouth once she “catches” it. Her and my current kitten will zoom around the house, pouncing on each other and playing with toys the majority of the day.. and sometimes into the night. However, she also loves basking in the sun and watching the birds at the feeders or the grass blowing in the wind. Midnight can be very selective of who touches her, she will need a family that understands she came from a hard situation and will need time to trust people again. She absolutely loves treats and will sit at the pantry meowing at me loudly every time I open the door. Midnight May will need another cat in the house, around her age, to make her feel comfortable. She is constantly calling out for her sister, Betsy and wandering the house looking for her and/or my current kitten. This black beauty would be perfect for a family that understands she may not be the cuddliest cat in the world, but she makes up for it with her strong bond with other cats. So far, she has been okay with the dogs in the foster home. At first, she was slightly fearful of them and would hiss. Once more comfortable, she realized that that they weren’t going to harm her and she just ignores them for the most part.


History: Part of the feral 15
Description: Tadpole lost the tips of her ears to frostbite and is still semi-feral. She spends most of her time hiding when people are around. She likes to cuddle up with her foster brothers and is slowly learning that humans are okay! She will take treats out of our hands and is starting to gain some confidence. She loves to run around and play with her siblings when nobody is watching! Tadpole would definitely do best in a house with other cats to help her continue learning the ropes of trusting humans and accepting their love.

Mrs Scruffles

History: Part of the feral 15
Description: Mrs. Scruffles was the shyest of the Feral 15. From hiding behind her mama and burrowing in the back of her cubby, she has now taken on the foster house like it’s her own. You’ll find her hanging with the resident cats or grandmama (her momma) and laying around on cat trees watching the birds. She also likes to check on her foster humans, especially when they’re in the kitchen. She loves her treats and loves when she has to dig them out of your hand. Mrs. scruffles has come so far and is comfortable enough now to play. You’ll even hear her playing with toys all by herself!
She still flinches a bit when you go in for a pet but when you do, she absolutely loves them. She allows you to pet her more and more every single day. She especially loves her chin and neck scratches.
She’s still learning to be loved by humans so she will require a little patience so she can warm up to you. Mrs. Scruffles will be a wonderful life long companion.


Leo was found as a stray and brought into care. We unfortunately don’t have a full backstory on him for you.
Leo is your typical sweet, lovable, adorable orange boy 🧡.
He gives the best hugs and you can test it out, in person, at Northtown Petsmart 🤗.
He is super friendly, playful, and needs a cat friend in his life. So much so that when he got to Northtown Petsmart, he cried until the staff introduced him to the kitty in the neighbouring kennel, named Micha. She has become his new gal pal bestie 👯‍♂️ 🤎. They are patiently waiting to meet their forever homes and are adoptable separately or together.


History: found with his mom and sibling
Augustus (Auggie) is such a sweet boy. He was brought in with his mom and sibling during a cold snap. When he first came in he was very skiddish, but is learning that people aren’t so bad! He loves being pet, but is unsure what to do during the petting process. He rolls around the whole time so you are always petting a moving target! It’s adorable. He prefers to not be picked up, but is a big fan of laying beside you on the couch. Augustus loves running around with all the other cats in the house, he is very social and fit in quickly. Auggie needs other cats to help his confidence, so another cat in the household would be ideal.

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History: She was rescued from a farm west of the city with her 6 babies.

Description: Hi, I’m Nala! I’m a farm cat at heart. I’m used to fending for myself so I do get startled with sudden loud noises. I do, however, love my people and purr super loud when brushed or pet. I’m not much of a lap cat and am still unsure about being picked up, but I’ll lay beside you on the couch. I did such an amazing job raising my babies, now it’s time for me to find my special home!

beautiful cat for adoption in edmonton


History: Part of the feral 15

Description: Minnow was the most confident of the feral 15, when we met him in January. He is still a little scared of people but loves to play. Minnow is starting to explore the house and is gaining confidence. This handsome boy’s favorite activities include watching videos for cats on YouTube and staring out the window at the birds

bob and christian grey emergency foster home needed in edmonton area

Bob and Christian Grey

Found as kittens in the streets of Edmonton. This beautiful bonded pair was taken in by HLH and placed with wonderful fosters. The boys have thought they found their forever home twice. But, by no fault of their own, were returned both times due to changes in adopters circumstance. 

The boys are extremely loving cats. Bob likes to follow you around where ever you go and wants to be doing what you’re doing. If you stand still, he is doing figure eights between your legs. Both Bob and CG love to cuddle. Whether it’s sitting on your legs or curled up on your lap. CG is the one who will get up on your bed or come sit with you when you watch tv. CG is extremely talkative. He’s not the loudest cat in the world but, you can have full conversations with him.
They also really like watching things outside. A cat tree by the window would be lovely. They do get scared when there’s a lot of noises or sudden movements but as long as they have somewhere to hide, they’re okay. They just prefer a calm environment. Don’t let CG’s resting grumpy face fool you, he’s a sweetheart. They are extremely easy cats to live with, they just want to do things on their own time. They’re so so loving and very unique, they have just had some bad luck in finding the right person or family. 


History: One of the feral 15

Beech has been the easiest feral to work with. Despite his fear and him greeting people with a hiss, he has been eager to interact and loves getting pets. This sweet boy does not have a mean bone in his body.

Beech is a calm guy and will need time before becoming the loving cuddlebug that is hiding beneath the surface. He will need a home with another cat for comfort but, also to help him continue to learn that people are good. Beech will require patience and lots of love as he continues to grow into his own but he is so excited to do so! If you have that love to give, please apply for Beech to become a part of the family! 


History: One of the feral 15

Balsam is a distinguished gentleman. He tries to maintain his dignity and calm despite still having some fear of people. He has recently learned that pets feel good and is starting to trust his foster. He has had the help and guidance of his new best buddy, Owen (also available for adoption).

Balsalm would do awesome with his bestie Owen or would require a home with another cat or cats for comfort. He still needs a quiet space and people that have the patience to earn this beautiful boys affection. 

beautiful domestic long hair cat for adoption in edmonton


History: brought in as a stray

Description: Owen is a super friendly cat that just melts into a puddle when receiving pets. He has survived outside for an unknown amount of time but, the outdoor life really did not suit his temperament. He is a nervous guy and hides if there is too much activity or noise.
But, when coaxed out of his hiding place, Owen is very interactive and sweet. He will rub up on the dog and is friendly with the cats in his foster home. He is also gorgeous with his Maine-Coon like mane of hair and his big Yellow eyes!! He is a big, solid boy! A gentle giant!❤️

beautiful domestic cat for adoption in edmonton


History: Owner surrender

Description: Bambi is a chill little lady who wants to be around her people. She enjoys following her foster family around the house and making sure to be a part of the action. Though she is not a fan of being picked up, she will throw herself on the floor or stretch out nice and long to get all the pets. She especially loves running water and drinks from her water fountain often.
She will look for a comfortable place, especially in her cat tree, to chill, curl up and watch the world through her exotic, slanted eyes or have a sweet cat nap.
She thoroughly enjoys attention, but needs a family who understands boundaries while she settles in to the home as she can be shy at first. She is good with other cats. Bambi will be the best companion to her new family and is excited to meet them soon! 

beautiful cat for adoption in edmonton


History: A kind older gentleman set up his garage for stray cats. A mama decided she would use his space to have her kittens. Bobby is one of these kittens! The kind man did his best to feed them and keep them warm but, he realized he needed to stop the cycle. He reached out to HLH so they could get spayed and neutered and have a chance at finding their forever homes.

Description: Bobby is the one who always comes out first for pets, so get ready to give lots of scratches and snuggles. He is a lover of food and those fluffy toy balls to chase and bat around. He always likes to sleep in the hole of the cat tree and likes small spaces like boxes. He is amazing around his foster families dog, so even a dog in the home could be a companion!