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Luna showed up to her original owners acreage as an orphaned starving baby kitten. She was nursed back to health by the owners and after some time came to live inside their home. After a long battle with their severe allergies to Luna they sadly were forced to re-home her.
Luna is looking for a human companion. She adores the attention you give her but also loves her alone time for naps. Luna has a loud purr and happy chirps. She greets you with a meow and rubs up against your legs and has the quirkiest tail movements we adore. She loves to chase the toys you throw for her and run through her tunnel. Once you have earned her trust she becomes the cuddliest sweetheart. Her fur is black but her heart is gold. She would do well as an only animal or we would discuss the potential for proper introductions if you have animals.


Meet Curious, an 11-month-old overgrown kitten! Curious had a challenging start when coming to Hope Lives Here, but she has continued to amaze us with her sweet nature and endless love. Only a baby herself, Curious was completely unprepared to raise kittens and HLH stepped in to help. Raised outdoors she was terrified of all things indoors and new. She wasn’t used to being held, or snuggled, and didn’t know how to play with toys. The first 6 weeks of being in care was a slow acclimation to her new life with 4 of those being spent in hiding. Suddenly, after weeks of TLC, a light switch went off and the possibility of a new life full of love from her people seemed better than hiding! The toys were pretty cool! Snuggling was even cooler!
Curious is now a shining example of resilience and transformation. She’s ready to shower a lucky family with all the love and affection she has to offer. This girl has a voice as vibrant as her spirit – she’s chatty and expressive when she craves attention or when it’s mealtime. You’ll never feel alone with Curious around, as she’ll happily engage in conversations. One of this girl’s special talents is her prowess as a master bug hunter. She’ll keep your home insect-free with her expert bug-catching skills, all while showcasing her playful nature and agility.
Curious would do best in a home with other cats, minimally one of whom is interested in play – this girl could wrestle and chase all day! We like to believe she’s making up for lost time because she is just so full of life. If you’re looking to fill your home with love, laughter, and snuggles; and have the patience to allow this girl time to continue flourishing in your family, Curious is the companion you’ve been waiting for.


Name: Tigger
Age: Born June 10 1:50 am
Sex: Male
Breed/color: DSH Orange/White
Good with cats: Yes
Good with dogs: Unknown
Good with children: Unknown
Activity Level: High
Location: Edmonton
History: These kittens are really quite a miracle. Their Mom, Penny was found abandoned under a patio. The owner of the house brought her in and fed her. When the owner called AC, she was told to put the cat back outside and to stop feeding her. Penny was about 6 months old and had been living outside for months. Not only that but she is deaf and has some neurological issues that affect her balance. None of us can figure out how she survived. Penny was severely underweight and as each week passed she slowly gained weight. I booked her for a spay but just before the appointment, I noticed her sides just popped out. She was pregnant! For such a difficult start, this Miracle Cat has been the most amazing Mom at 8 months old.
Description: Tigger’s really are wonderful things! This little boy is filled with so much energy, spunk and curiosity. Tigger is the brave one who was the first at everything and so intelligent. The most wonderful thing about Tigger is through his moments of Extreme Play he loves to be picked up and held and breaks into a loud purr. He greets me when I get home and will come get me when he needs some help. Tigger loves to play with his brothers and is so curious about humans. His coloring is so beautiful! Half of his nose is orange with a little white lightening bolt coming down from between his eyes and one cheek is orange. He is adorable and so easy to fall in love! He is 100% personality!
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Big Paws

History: Big Paws was surrendered to the rescue and was very very shut down. He was scared of people loud noises pretty much anything. I would believe he was hurt previously because he’s very scared at fast movements or hands and if there’s a broom or a stick, he believes you’re going to hit him and runs and hides.

Description: Big Paws is a big suck once someone’s spent the time and patience learning to gain his trust he is a mooshy love bean who loves pets cuddles and even belly rubs. He has learned to get along with other cats slowly and patiently, and has even learned to start to play. He has come such a long way. He would require a home with somebody who has patient not a lot of commotion, and no younger children. They freak him out. He is the coolest Cat ever because he has called big paws because he is a Polydactyl and has extra toe beans on all his feet!!! he absolutely is the sweetest cuddliest guy once you get to know him. Please give this big guy a shot!


Rescued with her 5 kittens Bean, Poppy, Zee, Queso, and Tiffany from a target community to help reduce uncontrolled cat populations. This mama was not happy about being in a cage at a shelter which is when we were reached out to. She is a happy friendly girl in our care.

Her name is inspired by her lynx/bobcat appearance. It’s also fitting because of her initial wild side, as described above. Just like you can’t judge a book by its cover, we are glad we didn’t judge Lynx by her attitude to start. Of course she did not want to be contained and was protective of her babies. In a safe space at her foster home where she could care for her kittens she has shown her true warm colors. Have you seen her colors?! Absolutely gorgeous! Her bushy neck and tail fur with those ear floofs are one of a kind. You’ll want to see her big eyes every day and talk to her to hear her sweet chatty meows back. Lastly, her best feature that we have fallen in love with are her hugs; she loves a short hug while you pet her chin so she can give you a nose boop. She’s very special and deserves only the best after raising all her babies

Herbie- orange cat. Adopt a cat in Edmonton.


History: Owner Surrender
I am a sweet Boy who loves to be with my human. I enjoy sitting on your lap and getting pets or being brushed. If you are looking for a snuggle buddy while you watch your favorite TV show then I’m the Kitty for you!
I do have high anxiety and need a quiet home with a hidey place I can get away to if I get scared – loud noises and strange things make me nervous, so I like to have a safe place to go to so I can relax and feel safe. My Foster Mom calls me the Cowardly Lion from Wizard of Oz (I’ve never seen the movie so not sure what exactly that is), but she tells me I am braver than I think I am and I have a big heart and I just need someone to help me feel safe and I will have courage!
Once almost all the people and foster Dogs I live with go to bed for the evening I come out and enjoy some quiet time with my Foster Mom, I sit in her lap and she gives me some great pets or I sit quietly next to her while she watches her TV show or reads a book. I am definitely a night owl, sleeping during the day in my cat bed in my room and then coming out when the house is quiet to play with my toys and find treats my Foster Mom has hidden for me.
I am currently on a special diet food to prevent urinary infections that I have had some issues with in the past but I have been doing really well with my special food and I have a great water fountain that I love to drink out of and this has made me feel so much better and I have had no recent issues.
If you are looking for a loving companion that will be your best loyal friend then please think about giving me my furever home with you.


Rescued with mama Lynx and siblings Poppy, Zee, Queso, and Bean from a target community to help reduce uncontrolled cat populations.

Ti ti Tiiiiffaannnnyyyyy
This pretty girl took on the colors from her mama Lynx plus some. She loves to be the queen of scratch post tower and play with all the toys. She’s quite independent and doesn’t ask for much out of the bunch of kittens. If there’s a spot to cuddle with her siblings or sometimes with you she will scoop it up for nap time but really any quiet spot will do.


Rescued with mama Lynx and siblings Poppy, Bean, Queso, and Tiffany from a target community to help reduce uncontrolled cat populations.

Zee stands for zebra, of course. His floofy black and white striped fur with those highlighted eyes are pretty amazing. He’s the more shy one of the bunch, which also means he is the goodest boy. He lets his siblings run after the toys first and joins in on the chase. He will nap wherever anyone will have him. He may do better in a quieter home but, I’m sure he will grow into any household. Kittens usually do better with another cat/kitten in the home to befriend. Maybe you want one of his siblings or maybe you have someone at home already.

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History: Oliver had her life turned upside down when her only owner passed away & she had to leave the only home she’s ever known. She was surrendered to Hope Lives Here in hopes someone else can take her in to give the love & attention she needs.

Description: It did take awhile for Oliver to come out of hiding & out of her shell when she arrived at her new foster home. Once she did she really blossomed! Now that she’s comfortable she loves to talk, be petted, play, & just be wherever you are. Although she loves pets she is not a big fan of being picked up & held. Oliver does tend to be easily scared which was not helped by another foster cat that liked to hide & jump out to scare her so it’s best Oliver is the only pet in the house. Oliver’s ideal home is one where someone is home most of the time & who loves to have a companion to follow around & talk about your day with. Is that you?


Get ready to embark on an adventure with Clue! This handsome 4-month-old male tabby kitten who’s all about high-energy play and endless excitement. Clue is a bundle of energy and is always on the go. With his vibrant personality, he’s a dynamic companion who’s here to add a splash of fun to your life.

Clue’s energy is infectious, and he’s always up for a play session that’s guaranteed to keep you on your toes. He’s the embodiment of enthusiasm and fun. He’s looking for a home that can keep up with his exuberance, ideally with another playful younger cat who can match his energy levels. While Clue may be a whirlwind of activity, he’s not all play and no love. When he’s ready to wind down, you’ll find him settling in nearby, content and happy after a day of adventure. He appreciates pets and cuddles, but what really lights up his world is a thrilling string toy chase session that lets him channel his inner hunter. Clue would do best in a home with another furry companion as he was raised in a large litter and seeks play and stimulation in his foster siblings.

This outgoing and curious boy is ready to make a splash in your life. If you’re seeking a companion who’s always up for fun, exploration, and the thrill of the chase, Clue is the perfect puzzle piece to complete your home. 

Copper Vein

History: One of Penny’s kittens, born in HLH’s care.

Description: Copper is a great mixture of loving cuddles and playfulness. He often wrestles with his siblings and will chase anything that moves! He is chill with all the resident cats and dogs. Copper will be an amazing family member! He is adventurous and sweet and your home will be richer!


History: I was rescued on a farm out west with my mama and siblings

Description: Hi, I’m Scar! I love to wrestle and play. It’s what I live for. My favourite thing is to sneak attack my siblings and fight with them through blankets. My humans are the best. I just love snuggles and pets. My little purr motor starts as soon as my humans walk through the doorway! 


History: One of Penny’s kittens, born in HLH’s care.

Description: Bill is a quiet observer! He is calm and cool! He is an escape artist…. it is unexpected because he is so still and unassuming! He is the only one from his litter that managed to make it outside! He loves cheek and head rubs and will melt into your hand. Who doesn’t need more dollar “Bills” in their life?


History: Unfortunately, her original owner has developed respiratory issues and needs rehome.

Description: Mittens is a beautiful tuxedo cat with stunning green eyes. Although Mittens can be a little shy at first, she is very friendly once she warms up. With a little patience, she will shower you with affection. 


History: I was rescued from a farm out west with my mama and siblings
Description: Hi, I’m Zazu! The chillest of the group. I will lay with anyone, play with everyone and I’d be the type you could dress up and I wouldn’t fight it. My favorite things to do is nap followed by laser pointer chasing. Also, I love to catch bugs that fly past the window or get inside. Im waiting patiently for my furever home!


History: I was rescued from a farm out west with my mama and siblings
Description: Hi, I’m Pumbaa. I’m such a sweet little man. I love to be by you, purring and making biscuits. I’m a lap cat, so I love to sleep as close to you as possible. I will play with anything that moves; string, toys, shoe laces, it’s all my favorite.


History: I was rescued from a farm out west with my mama and siblings
Description: I’m the goofball of the group. I love to run, hide, dodge, weeve and POUNCE! Anything at a fast pace! Of course, this means I play hard and then I nap hard. I love my people, and also like to snuggle up and watch tv.


History: I was rescued from a farm out west with my mama and siblings
Description: I’m the dainty girl of the crew. I love to get my way. If my brothers try and wrestle with me, I just whine until they move on. I’d much rather be curled up in my Human’s lap while snuggling and watching tv, or in a kitty pile on the scratching post.


History: Unfortunately, his original owner developed respiratory issues and needs to rehome.

Description: Milo is a very loving boy and has an innocent outlook on everything. He seems to like being outside in an enclosed patio or in a catio. Can Milo be your new cuddle buddy? 


History: She was rescued from a farm west of the city with her 6 babies.

Description: Hi, I’m Nala! I’m a farm cat at heart. I’m used to fending for myself so I do get startled with sudden loud noises. I do, however, love my people and purr super loud when brushed or pet. I’m not much of a lap cat and am still unsure about being picked up, but I’ll lay beside you on the couch. I did such an amazing job raising my babies, now it’s time for me to find my special home!


Rescued with mama Lynx and siblings Bean, Zee, Queso, and Tiffany from a target community to help reduce uncontrolled cat populations.

Miss Poppy is very well rounded. She’s outgoing, cuddly, playful and a very good girl. You can find her curled up in your lap or playing/cuddling with her siblings. She will likely want to be involved in whatever is going on around her


Rescued with mama Lynx and siblings Poppy, Zee, Queso, and Tiffany from a target community to help reduce uncontrolled cat populations.

Bean is the cuddliest little sprout. He will run up and greet you with his loudest and longest meow. As soon as you’re sitting, he is on your lap purring away. A fun fact about Bean is he has the tiniest little kink in his tail but, you really have to look for it.


History: I was rescued from a farm out west with my mama and siblings

Description: I’m a timid girl, but that doesn’t stop me from getting all the pets. I could sit there for hours and purr. I love to sleep under the covers once my humans have fallen asleep. My favourite thing to do is play with crinkle balls and wand toys. I would do best in a home with atleast one other cat to help me with my confidence.

Bob and Christian Grey

Found as kittens in the streets of Edmonton. This beautiful bonded pair was taken in by HLH and placed with wonderful fosters. The boys have thought they found their forever home twice. But, by no fault of their own, were returned both times due to changes in adopters circumstance. 

The boys are extremely loving cats. Bob likes to follow you around where ever you go and wants to be doing what you’re doing. If you stand still, he is doing figure eights between your legs. Both Bob and CG love to cuddle. Whether it’s sitting on your legs or curled up on your lap. CG is the one who will get up on your bed or come sit with you when you watch tv. CG is extremely talkative. He’s not the loudest cat in the world but, you can have full conversations with him.
They also really like watching things outside. A cat tree by the window would be lovely. They do get scared when there’s a lot of noises or sudden movements but as long as they have somewhere to hide, they’re okay. They just prefer a calm environment. Don’t let CG’s resting grumpy face fool you, he’s a sweetheart. They are extremely easy cats to live with, they just want to do things on their own time. They’re so so loving and very unique, they have just had some bad luck in finding the right person or family. 


Rescued with mama Kanga and brother Winnie the Pooh from a hoarding house in Okotoks. Mama and kittens came into care sick and sadly they were the only ones to survive out of the litter. Thankfully, these kittens have had their loving and brave mom. Slowly they are learning that they really do love humans and have gained confidence interacting with their foster humans and other cats.


Mama Kanga birthed a litter of kittens. They were rescued from a hoarding house in Okotoks and unfortunately came into care quite ill. As a result, Kanga tragically lost part of her litter.

Kanga has been the best, supportive mama to her kittens, Roo and Winnie the Pooh. She loves breakfast time. She is friendly for affection with a spunky, playful side. After dinner, you will find Kanga sprawled out on the floor or lounging on the cat tower. She prefers to do her own thing and has integrated well with the other cats in the home. She is always excited for the last snack of the day at bedtime. She really does love food and does have a little pot belly, so portions are required. However, she does not seem to be upset by this or beg for more and is just excited when it’s that next time to eat.

If you are considering another cat, please consider her little mini me, Roo. She is the best little girl and loves her Mama dearly


History: My siblings and I came into care with our mama when our last home wasn’t treating us very well

Description: Hi, I’m Twix! I’m the shy girl of the group. I love to play and snooze with you when I warm up to you. I would do best in a home with my brother, Aero. He boosts my confidence, and I’m much better with him around and will be more outgoing.

Winnie the Pooh

Rescued with his mama Kanga and sister Roo from a hoarding house in Okotoks. Mama and kittens came into care sick and sadly they were the only ones to survive out of the litter. Thankfully, these kittens have had their loving and brave mom. Slowly they are learning that they really do love humans and have gained confidence interacting with their foster humans and other cats.


Introducing… Enigma! Affectionately called Iggy in his foster home. This 4-month-old male kitten is larger than life in every way. The biggest of his litter and having an equally grand personality, this sleek grey handsome boy has a wild spirit and affectionate nature.

Enigma’s playfulness knows no limits – he’s a bundle of energy who throws himself into every play session. His wild leaps and pounces channel the spirit of a jungle cat, making playtime an adventure. But underneath his energetic exterior is a heart that’s just as affectionate. This boy doesn’t just play hard – he loves hard too. He’s loyal and devoted, seeking out snuggles with both his people, and his buddies – showing his nurturing side through grooming and kisses. Enigma’s presence adds a touch of excitement to any room he enters. He would do best in a home with another furry companion as he was raised in a large litter and seeks play and stimulation in his foster siblings.

If you’re ready to welcome a playful and loyal companion into your home, Enigma could be your ideal match. His vibrant personality and undeniable charm set him up to make a wonderful addition to any family. 


History: I came into HLH with my 4 babies as we were not treated very well at home.

Description: I have a big personality! I love to sit on your lap and chat to anyone who will listen. I’m a very affectionate girl and did a great job raising my babies. Now I’m ready to be selfish and find a furever home of my own.


History: My siblings and I came in with our mama because we weren’t treated very well in our previous home.

Description: I’m Smarties! The curious and adventurous one of the group. I love to play all day! I just can’t stop… unless it’s dinner time! I will play with my wand toy for hours if you play with me. I crash hard and love to sleep in a little pile with my friends or a nice cozy lap


History: I came into care with my siblings and mom when our previous owners didn’t treat us very well
Description: Hi guys, I’m Aero! The only boy of the group. I’m the chillest cat you’ll ever meet. I love to laze around and sleep. I flop over and love to be held like a baby, and love being told how handsome I am. I would do best in a home with my sister Twix as she’s quite shy and I love to help take her out of her shell. We play very well together and often snooze together on top of foster Mom’s lap. I think we’d be the perfect Netflix partners!


History: I came into care with my mama and siblings as I wasn’t being treated very nicely in my old home
Description: Hi I’m KitKat! I want to be everywhere you are. I am the best snuggler! I play hard and snooze harder. I’d love to be in a home with other kitties, but I would also do ok with someone who can spend some time with me as I’m a very social girl.


Beauty was found under the deck of a house where she was cared for by inexperienced but friendly people, but they were in over their heads. They first saw her in their back alley after being dumped/abandoned and pregnant by her owner. They fell in love with her and wanted to keep her, but this family had a child with severe mental disabilities. Beauty became tired and sick as she was always counting her kittens and watched them being accidentally injured and drowned by the child. The woman caring for her reached out to anyone to help. She had 4 Kittens left from her litter of 5. Beauty was sick and not given sufficient shelter and food for her situation. She and her five-week kittens were rescued. They all were very weak, underweight, sick with mastitis and febrile. Her kittens were covered in fleas and hungry. It has taken a good amount of high-quality food, medicine and grooming care.
Description: Beauty was named after the fact that she is just that Beautiful. Domestic Medium Hair-(White/Black/Grey Tabby) with stunning green eyes. But what makes her a beauty is her kind approach to her kittens and human handlers. Beauty enjoys some time alone. But it should never be taken as an offence. She will more than makeup for her time in her designated hideout with loads of time by your side. She is very affectionate. She has been patient, playful, and agreeable. She would get along with other pets due to her friendly disposition. Beauty is an intelligent and loving girl. She would be best suited for a family who will love her and give her the love and attention with a bit of personal space this mama deserves.


History: I was born under a deck with my two sisters and one brother. The family took care of my mommy but not us as much. I was hurt many times by a child. I almost drowned and got picked up by the neck, not the way Mommy does it, and I was hungry and itchy from fleas. A lady came to rescue my family. She bathed me and brushed out my fleas, then gave us medicine. My mommy wasn’t able to feed me anymore. She made her feel better. They gave me lots of food/formula and toys and people to play with. Best of all, a warm, safe place. I had a bed!

Description: I love to play, play, Nap, eat and run around in the evening for an hour with my ears back like they are my cape! I am Catman. I am pretty hilarious! I promise on your saddest/most stressful day. I will make you laugh so much you cry. I love my humans so much. I want to be around them all the time. They are fascinating. You need to keep warm with that hairless skin. Luckily, my fur is soft and fluffy. The humans can’t keep their hands off me. It’s ok, I like it! I will fall asleep instantly if you pet me the right way. My paws are also available for massages. You have to pamper me, too; Paw Spa is my favourite time after my “Catman” (Zoomie) time. I like to talk to get your attention or tell you something is annoying me. It is the cutest sound you ever heard. I am as sweet as I look. I would be best suited for a not-overly-busy family with kids who love to play and cuddle.