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Theo and Tigress- White and Gray patches cats for adoption in edmonton

Theo & Tigress

History : Theo lived in a garage with little human contact before he came into care with HLH. He is now a happy house cat.
Tigress came in with her brothers and sisters, all feral kittens. She has taken the longest to warm up to people.
Theo is showing her people are ok.

Description : These two enjoy running around the house, playing in boxes and napping together. Theo is a lap cat and Tigress is slowly trying to join him there, she’s still a little skittish. They love treats, laying in their perch, in the sun, watching the world go by.
They are a bonded pair and must be adopted together 

adoptable cats and kittens edmonton


History: Annabelle was surrendered from one of our target communities where she was subjected to a lot of rough handling by children and lack of supervision made her kinda shy but once she’s comfortable she’s a very sweet girl

�Description: Annabelle is a bright eyed curious playful girl… she takes a bit to warm up but once she does she seeks her humans out to snuggle and loves to curl up around your neck for maxim closeness. She’s a funny little girl with big ears that make her over the top adorable. She would do best with a quiet home and perhaps one of her fosters siblings she’s warmed up to quite well like Fuzzy ❤️❤️❤️

Herbie- orange cat. Adopt a cat in Edmonton.


History: Owner Surrender
I am a sweet Boy who loves to be with my human. I enjoy sitting on your lap and getting pets or being brushed. If you are looking for a snuggle buddy while you watch your favorite TV show then I’m the Kitty for you!
I do have high anxiety and need a quiet home with a hidey place I can get away to if I get scared – loud noises and strange things make me nervous, so I like to have a safe place to go to so I can relax and feel safe. My Foster Mom calls me the Cowardly Lion from Wizard of Oz (I’ve never seen the movie so not sure what exactly that is), but she tells me I am braver than I think I am and I have a big heart and I just need someone to help me feel safe and I will have courage!
Once almost all the people and foster Dogs I live with go to bed for the evening I come out and enjoy some quiet time with my Foster Mom, I sit in her lap and she gives me some great pets or I sit quietly next to her while she watches her TV show or reads a book. I am definitely a night owl, sleeping during the day in my cat bed in my room and then coming out when the house is quiet to play with my toys and find treats my Foster Mom has hidden for me.
I am currently on a special diet food to prevent urinary infections that I have had some issues with in the past but I have been doing really well with my special food and I have a great water fountain that I love to drink out of and this has made me feel so much better and I have had no recent issues.
If you are looking for a loving companion that will be your best loyal friend then please think about giving me my furever home with you.

Halo- Orange and white shaded cat for adoption in edmonton.


History: He was surrendered from a community we work with and had little human contact before coming into care.

Description: Halo is a handsome little man with a sweet, quiet soul. He rarely meows, likes to observe & loves to snuggle with the other foster cats. He came very scared of humans but has come a long way & enjoys occasional pets & scratches. Patience & time will continue to build his confidence. He would flourish in a quieter home with another cat present.


Chester was recently returned after being adopted through no fault of his own. He wanted to befriend his new cat siblings but instead of cuddles & playtime he was getting scratched & attacked. Prior to his last adoption Chester was abandoned & living near a Canadian Tire for months before he left HLH take him in. Despite his hardships he is the kindest, cuddliest soul.

Description: Chester is the epitome of a “Gentle Ginger.” All he wants is love, attention, & food of course! He absolutely loves to snuggle with you in bed, especially if you spoon him – he has even been known to spoon you back! You’ll even see him laying on his back meowing for you to rub his belly. Chester loves to have conversations with his foster momma & is not shy about telling you when he’s hungry or it’s time to change his litter box. This sweet, beautiful boy deserves to find his furever family to snuggle with for all his days; is that you? 


Found wandering a neighborhood, about to walk up to a coyote.

This beautiful kitten is so affectionate! She wants all the love! She is vocal and will walk around meowing until you come pet her!!! Loves cats! Is cautiously curious about dogs. She loves kids! This wonderful little lady will brighten your day! She is ready to go home on June 11th

adoptable cats and kittens edmonton


Hi, my name is Lucy. I came into care with my 5 siblings. They all got adopted but I had to wait because I needed a surgery to fix my diaphragmatic hernia. I’m happy to report that the surgery was a success! I’m out of that blasted onesie and ready to go to my forever home.

I love zooming around the house. Ever since my surgery I have so much energy it feels like I have super powers! But I also like to take things slow and hang out with my foster mom while she’s working from home. I’m a climber and like to go up high to watch what everyone is doing. I also loooove getting some good scratching time in so would really appreciate if my forever home had lots of scratches for me!

My foster parents gave me lots of attention before surgery and while I was healing so I’ve gotten used to being pampered. I especially like being carried around everywhere. I’ve been living with four adult cats and while they’re all really nice I’d prefer to be the centre of attention!

adoptable cats and kittens edmonton


History of the animal: Neo & his two siblings came into foster care from a hoarding situation in Olds, Alberta
�Description: Neo has the darkest & softest fur that you can’t stop petting. Which is great because he will often often greet you for some love and pets with his sweet meows. He will step up onto your legs to say hello and get a pet on the head or if your sitting he will cuddle and purr in your lap. He loves to play with the other cats and with his toys by himself or with you. He has a models cat walk which shows off his tail. His quirky tail has a cute kinked angle near the end which doesn’t bother him at all and in fact it looks like he uses it to wave to you 👋 He would love to meet you and if you’re thinking you want double the love then he’d love you to meet his brother Fresco too
adoptable cats and kittens edmonton


History of the animal: Fresco & his two siblings came into foster care from a hoarding situation in Olds, Alberta
�Description: Fresco is a curious kitty, loves to play with his toys & other kitties. He also loves playing with people & enjoys pets & sitting on your lap! He’s an active boy that will keep you entertained and then snuggle with you when he’s ready for a break. His chattery hellos will put a smile on your face. He would love to meet you and if you’re thinking you want double the love then he’d love you to meet his brother Neo too

adoptable cats and kittens edmonton


Bruiser was found as a stray in rural Strathcona County and was held at GEARS Sheltered Paws. He had some frostbite on his ears and wounds on his face and body.
He loves to play and has a heart of a lover. With love and understanding, he is starting to become an affectionate cat. Although he may not be a lap cat, maybe he will be with you. He loves to be around his humans. Bruiser will need patience and understanding that he has had a hard life so far and a lot of situations are new for him as he has never had a permanent loving busy household to live in. Bruiser seems interested in other cats but doesn’t really understand how to interact with them and would need a proper slow introduction to any animal.