Adoptable Cats

black cat green eyes adorable cat for adoption


Luna showed up to her original owners acreage as an orphaned starving baby kitten. She was nursed back to health by the owners and after some time came to live inside their home. After a long battle with their severe allergies to Luna they sadly were forced to re-home her.
Luna is looking for a human companion. She adores the attention you give her but also loves her alone time for naps. Luna has a loud purr and happy chirps. She greets you with a meow and rubs up against your legs and has the quirkiest tail movements we adore. She loves to chase the toys you throw for her and run through her tunnel. Once you have earned her trust she becomes the cuddliest sweetheart. Her fur is black but her heart is gold. She would do well as an only animal or we would discuss the potential for proper introductions if you have animals.


Meet Curious, an 11-month-old overgrown kitten! Curious had a challenging start when coming to Hope Lives Here, but she has continued to amaze us with her sweet nature and endless love. Only a baby herself, Curious was completely unprepared to raise kittens and HLH stepped in to help. Raised outdoors she was terrified of all things indoors and new. She wasn’t used to being held, or snuggled, and didn’t know how to play with toys. The first 6 weeks of being in care was a slow acclimation to her new life with 4 of those being spent in hiding. Suddenly, after weeks of TLC, a light switch went off and the possibility of a new life full of love from her people seemed better than hiding! The toys were pretty cool! Snuggling was even cooler!
Curious is now a shining example of resilience and transformation. She’s ready to shower a lucky family with all the love and affection she has to offer. This girl has a voice as vibrant as her spirit – she’s chatty and expressive when she craves attention or when it’s mealtime. You’ll never feel alone with Curious around, as she’ll happily engage in conversations. One of this girl’s special talents is her prowess as a master bug hunter. She’ll keep your home insect-free with her expert bug-catching skills, all while showcasing her playful nature and agility.
Curious would do best in a home with other cats, minimally one of whom is interested in play – this girl could wrestle and chase all day! We like to believe she’s making up for lost time because she is just so full of life. If you’re looking to fill your home with love, laughter, and snuggles; and have the patience to allow this girl time to continue flourishing in your family, Curious is the companion you’ve been waiting for.

Curious is a very social cat and requires another similar energy feline friend in her furever home.

Bambi & Casey

History: Owner surrender

Description: These beautiful sisters are a bonded pair and must be adopted together ❤️ 🐈‍⬛ 🐈

Bambi is a very sweet and loving cat. She loves lots of pets and will seek them out by rolling on the floor for attention.
Bambi loves to sleep in the sun, eat catnip, play with a laser pointer and will jump for dangly toys. This pretty girl loves to have a snuggle and snooze with her sister, Casey.

Casey is also a very sweet girl but will need her forever home to be patient with her. She is very human shy and will hide, at first. This is only because she wants to make sure she’s in a safe place. However, once she trusts you, she will be coming for pets. Casey is a funny girl and will run all over the house wanting her sister to play with her. Casey loves to sleep in her bed, the heat register or the cat tree with her sister.
She is quite playful once she warms up to you. You’ll find Casey loves to play with all the same things her sister does – catnip, laser pointer and dangly fishing rod toys!
These girls are absolute sweethearts and really so special.

Herbie- orange cat. Adopt a cat in Edmonton.


History: Owner Surrender
I am a sweet Boy who loves to be with my human. I enjoy sitting on your lap and getting pets or being brushed. If you are looking for a snuggle buddy while you watch your favorite TV show then I’m the Kitty for you!
I do have high anxiety and need a quiet home with a hidey place I can get away to if I get scared – loud noises and strange things make me nervous, so I like to have a safe place to go to so I can relax and feel safe. My Foster Mom calls me the Cowardly Lion from Wizard of Oz (I’ve never seen the movie so not sure what exactly that is), but she tells me I am braver than I think I am and I have a big heart and I just need someone to help me feel safe and I will have courage!
Once almost all the people and foster Dogs I live with go to bed for the evening I come out and enjoy some quiet time with my Foster Mom, I sit in her lap and she gives me some great pets or I sit quietly next to her while she watches her TV show or reads a book. I am definitely a night owl, sleeping during the day in my cat bed in my room and then coming out when the house is quiet to play with my toys and find treats my Foster Mom has hidden for me.
I am currently on a special diet food to prevent urinary infections that I have had some issues with in the past but I have been doing really well with my special food and I have a great water fountain that I love to drink out of and this has made me feel so much better and I have had no recent issues.
If you are looking for a loving companion that will be your best loyal friend then please think about giving me my furever home with you.

Momma Sage

History: She was found at a construction site. Someone took her home and a year later she had two sets of kittens. Momma Sage recently came into our care with two babies (salt and pepper).
Description: Her quirky smile locks you in. She had a rough start to her life as she came in missing a couple of teeth. Now all she wants is a home with love and affection. She responds to her name, momma and comes running for some face scratches. This super mom also took in a single baby, named Dusty. She took her in with no qualms even though Dusty put up a fight not knowing how to play or socialize. This sweet girl is looking for her forever home!
little kitty, orange and white cat for adoption

Little Kitty

History: Little kitty was previously a HLH rescue.
Description: Little kitty absolutely loves to meet new people. One of her favorite pass times is to sit on the driveway and greet the neighbours. She is very adventurous and will play for hours. She also loves bedtime cuddles.
big kitty, grey and white fluffy cat for adoption

Big Kitty

History: Big Kitty was adopted when he was approx 10 weeks old.
Description: Big Kitty loves the outdoors. When it is hot, he loves to sit under the trees to stay cool. He also loves being brushed and will require same regularly. He enjoys making appearances during Zoom meetings and also loves bedtime cuddles.
Mama beautiful black cat for adoption in the edmonton area


History: Mama and her baby daddy were left on my doorstep on a rainy afternoon.

Description: Mama is a sweet shy kitty. She is slowly learning that people can be loving and she can enjoy their company. She would love to go to a home with her baby daddy, Papa. We can make an honest kitty of her! 

Papa beautiful tabby cat for adoption in the edmonton area


History: Papa and his little family were left on my doorstep on a rainy afternoon.

Description: Papa is the most protective, caring, and attentive tomcat I’ve ever met. He’s taken his job as a papa very seriously and now it’s his turn to find his people. Since being with me, he has warmed up a ton and is now a big fan of pets and cuddles. 


History: Found on a farm as a single kitten, Ham joined one of our fosters crew. He had a rough start but has completely recovered and living the VIP life!

Description: Meet Ham, the purrfect addition to your family! This little guy is a true motor, and his purr can be heard from across the room. Whether you’re holding him, petting him, or just giving him a glance, he’s in purr-mode all the time. Ham is a playful and social kitten, getting along super well with both cats and dogs. He craves companionship and would thrive in a home with a furry friend. Ham is the happiest, plumpest, most loveable little guy who is sure to be an amazing addition to any home

cat for adoption edmonton


History: Oliver had her life turned upside down when her only owner passed away & she had to leave the only home she’s ever known. She was surrendered to Hope Lives Here in hopes someone else can take her in to give the love & attention she needs.

Description: It did take awhile for Oliver to come out of hiding & out of her shell when she arrived at her new foster home. Once she did she really blossomed! Now that she’s comfortable she loves to talk, be petted, play, & just be wherever you are. Although she loves pets she is not a big fan of being picked up & held. Oliver does tend to be easily scared which was not helped by another foster cat that liked to hide & jump out to scare her so it’s best Oliver is the only pet in the house. Oliver’s ideal home is one where someone is home most of the time & who loves to have a companion to follow around & talk about your day with. Is that you?


History of the animal: Brought in with his siblings & mama.

Description: Clue is a bit on the shy side but warms up quickly & will be coming for pets and cuddles. He’s a gentle & quiet soul that I joke is like Houdini. One minute he’s there & then poof, where did he go? Whether he’s at the window doing neighborhood watch, playing with his brother Iggy or having his leisure cat naps, he’s a good lil boy that would make a wonderful addition to any home.

Dusty Rose

History: This little girl is a fighter! She survived below freezing temperatures for an unknown amount of days, without her mother. Unfortunately, her siblings were not as lucky. She fought tooth and nail to stay alive, and shows you in her mighty ways.

Description: This little spitfire is a big kitty in a little body and is ready to take on the world. She hissed and growled at all the other kitties as she was not to be messed with, especially when there was food. She definitely did not know how to interact with other cats but after 4-5 days she finally let her step Mama Sage take her in as her own. Little Dusty Rose went from terrified of every single kitty toy to leaping and bounding around the room changing toys every two seconds. I think she’s trying to make up for time lost as a real baby. She also definitely loves her humans. She wants to snuggle on your lap and also run around like a crazy kitty. She would do wonderful with a friend or by herself. 


History of the animal: Brought in with his siblings & mama.

Description: Iggy is so handsome with his unbelievable suede-like fur & his superhero diamond insignia on his chest. If he’s not off playing with toys or his brother Clue, he will come looking for love from you. He also has cute little mews when he’s asking for some kibble. His calm & gentle persona makes him the perfect little boy for any family.


History: I was rescued from a farm out west with my mama and siblings
Description: Hi, I’m Zazu! The chillest of the group. I will lay with anyone, play with everyone and I’d be the type you could dress up and I wouldn’t fight it. My favorite things to do is nap followed by laser pointer chasing. Also, I love to catch bugs that fly past the window or get inside. Im waiting patiently for my furever home!


History: I was rescued from a farm out west with my mama and siblings
Description: Hi, I’m Pumbaa. I’m such a sweet little man. I love to be by you, purring and making biscuits. I’m a lap cat, so I love to sleep as close to you as possible. I will play with anything that moves; string, toys, shoe laces, it’s all my favorite.
adorable kitty named Timon for adoption in edmonton


History: I was rescued from a farm out west with my mama and siblings
Description: I’m the dainty girl of the crew. I love to get my way. If my brothers try and wrestle with me, I just whine until they move on. I’d much rather be curled up in my Human’s lap while snuggling and watching tv, or in a kitty pile on the scratching post.
biggie smalls and lizard kittens for adoption

Biggie Smalls & Lizard

History: These guys were born outside after their pregnant mum was dumped on a farm in mundare. The kind farmer helped their foster parent catch them and while the farmer spayed the mum and kept her, he asked their foster to please take the kittens and get them friendly so they can be spoiled indoor cats; and who can say no to a request like that?

Description: Biggie Smalls is larger than life with a rambunctious, spunky attitude and a love of climbing tall things. This girl is constantly go-go-go and only has 2 modes: Bounce off the walls or snuggle fest. She loves playing pranks on the dogs, like walking up to them, booping their noses with her paws a few times and walking away like nothing happened. Biggie doesn’t really meow, but instead has a crackly croak and has since she was just 4 weeks old

Lizard is a funny one. She’s extremely bonded to her sister, loves other cats, loves dogs, and tolerates humans. It’s like she’s constantly annoyed she has to live with stinky hoomans and while she will tolerate some pets and general care like nail trims, she would rather you admire her beauty and do not touch. She is playful, adventurous, and inquisitive. She loves playing with crinkle balls and her flips, leaps and other acrobatics with her sister will bring lots of laughter and joy into your life.


History: Abandoned and survived the brutal winter cold.

Hello cat lovers! My name is Ginger! I am a very handsome guy with the most beautiful pattern on my fur, and the cutest face you will ever see – like Puss in Boots. I am very shy if I don’t know you, but once you earn my trust I am the loveliest cat. I love to receive pets, I will literally throw myself on the ground and roll around, or I will stand on my back feet and reach out to feel the warmth of your hand. I like to sit on your lap and snooze, and give you the loudest and longest purr. When I fall asleep, I can even snore! How cute is that? I like to play with squeaky toys and chase the feathers from the wand when you move it. I really like to talk a lot, and you will learn to “read” me once you know me. I will give you a soft squeak when I hear your voice talking nice to me. I like all people that don’t hurt me and give me love and attention. I am a tough cookie and survived outside last winter. I am really looking forward to finding a warm home and a family who can care for me forever. I have soooo much love to give. Please come and meet me, be patient with me and I will not disappoint you! 

cute tabby cat for adoption in edmonton


History: She was rescued from a farm west of the city with her 6 babies.

Description: Hi, I’m Nala! I’m a farm cat at heart. I’m used to fending for myself so I do get startled with sudden loud noises. I do, however, love my people and purr super loud when brushed or pet. I’m not much of a lap cat and am still unsure about being picked up, but I’ll lay beside you on the couch. I did such an amazing job raising my babies, now it’s time for me to find my special home!

adorable kitten Simba for adoption yeg


History: I was rescued from a farm out west with my mama and siblings

Description: I’m a timid girl, but that doesn’t stop me from getting all the pets. I could sit there for hours and purr. I love to sleep under the covers once my humans have fallen asleep. My favourite thing to do is play with crinkle balls and wand toys. I would do best in a home with atleast one other cat to help me with my confidence.

bob and christian grey emergency foster home needed in edmonton area

Bob and Christian Grey

Found as kittens in the streets of Edmonton. This beautiful bonded pair was taken in by HLH and placed with wonderful fosters. The boys have thought they found their forever home twice. But, by no fault of their own, were returned both times due to changes in adopters circumstance. 

The boys are extremely loving cats. Bob likes to follow you around where ever you go and wants to be doing what you’re doing. If you stand still, he is doing figure eights between your legs. Both Bob and CG love to cuddle. Whether it’s sitting on your legs or curled up on your lap. CG is the one who will get up on your bed or come sit with you when you watch tv. CG is extremely talkative. He’s not the loudest cat in the world but, you can have full conversations with him.
They also really like watching things outside. A cat tree by the window would be lovely. They do get scared when there’s a lot of noises or sudden movements but as long as they have somewhere to hide, they’re okay. They just prefer a calm environment. Don’t let CG’s resting grumpy face fool you, he’s a sweetheart. They are extremely easy cats to live with, they just want to do things on their own time. They’re so so loving and very unique, they have just had some bad luck in finding the right person or family. 

adorable calico cat named Roo for adoption yeg


Rescued from a hoarding house with her mama and brother Winnie the Pooh. Coming into care timid they had a confident mama and loving fosters to help them along the way. Mama has been adopted and Roo has grown to become an independent confident girl who loves the other cats in the foster home.

Roo is the gentlest sweetheart who loves her foster humans and cat siblings. If we call any of the cats Roo will come too. She enjoys cuddling up with you and has mastered many different positions of napping. She loves playing and being around you.
Our girl Roo needs a cat buddy so if you have that in your home already that’s great or you could consider adopting two

Sir Isaac Mewton

History: Unfortunately, he found himself with an injured paw & made his home on a kind family’s patio chair to ask for help.

Meet the incredibly handsome Sir Mewton!

Once safely in his foster home, he quickly showed off his wonderful personality. Mr. Mew lives for affection & a soft place to sleep. Though not terribly active, he’ll play with a kitty toy but really just loves to eat, nap & snuggle his person.

He lives with multiple dogs he tolerates by keeping his distance. He wants to be included but isn’t quite sure how.

Sir Mewton loves to talk. He will let you know when he can see the bottom of his food bowl (unacceptable!) or when you’re late to clean his litter box. He will always happily meow & purr before you come in for pets & enjoys a good brushing.

Mr. Mew would love to get aquatinted with you & show you how lucky you’d be to call him a member of your family


History: Vera was found alone on a busy road
Description: Vera is a bundle of energy. She loves to play and wrestle with the other cats in the home. She tends to wear herself out during the day, so she’s a great cuddle buddy at night. Her favorite place to sleep is between your legs. Vera is a sweetheart and adapted to our home quickly. She will have no trouble fitting in with her forever family!


History: My siblings and I came into care with our mama when our last home wasn’t treating us very well

Description: Hi, I’m Twix! I’m the shy girl of the group. I love to play and snooze with you when I warm up to you. I would do best in a home with another cat or better yet one of my siblings. Another friendly cat boosts my confidence

winnie the pooh cat for adoption edmonton area

Winnie the Pooh

Rescued from a hoarding house with her mama and sister Roo. Coming into care timid they had a confident mama and loving fosters to help them along the way. Mama has been adopted and Winnie the Pooh is ready too.

Winnie is the biggest softy! Literally and figuratively. His gentle soul will make you fall in love with him along with the softest floofiest fur you can imagine. He’s got that true tuxedo diamond and a hint of grey undertones in the fluffiest tail. He’s playful on his own or with you. He shows his affection by weaving along your legs or flopping over for some pets, and when you find the right spot he will get those paws playing the air piano. He loves to find a quiet safe place to nap or near his cat siblings.

Winnie the Pooh needs a cat buddy so if you have that in your home already that’s great or you could consider adopting two 


History: My siblings and I came in with our mama because we weren’t treated very well in our previous home.

Description: I’m Smarties! The curious and adventurous one of the group. I love to play all day! I just can’t stop… unless it’s dinner time! I will play with my wand toy for hours if you play with me. I crash hard and love to sleep in a little pile with my friends or a nice cozy lap