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Papa Dre

History : Dre came in from one of the communities we partner with

Description : Dre is the perfect boy. He very rarely barks. He is good free in the house has had a couple accidents but he is left too long without going out. He loves his person and will be with you wherever you go. He enjoys being outside sunning . Dre is a very smart boy and listens very well when called. He needs the perfect home where he gets all the attention he deserves


History: Stubs came in with his Momma & brothers from a community we work with 

Description: Hey! I’m Stubs! I’m on the hunt for my furever home! 🏠 Let me tell you a little about myself! I am still a puppy and I’m having so much fun learning about this crazy thing called life! It’s pretty awesome so far! I have met so many friends! Dog friends, cat friends, kid friends. Everyone is my friend! I love playing so so so much and will play with everyone! I am a pretty happy, sweet, easy going kind of guy. At least that’s what my foster home says. They also tell me I’m pretty handsome too 😏 I mean…. Look at me 😘 I LOVE playing outside! No matter the weather. From running through the cold, white, fluffy stuff ❄️ to splashing in the pool or playing in the sprinkler 💦 Aaahhh it is the BEST! My foster home has a pool with a pedal that I press and the water squirts up! Can you believe how fun that is? Do you love having outside adventures too? I am learning a lot. Like how to sit, and to recall. After learning, and playing all day I fall asleep in my crate all night long 🥱💤. But I also really love to cuddle and snuggle up. Maybe we could cuddle up together after a fun day? That sounds so nice, to find a home of my very own one day. 🥰🥰🥰 When you live in the moment, you won’t miss a thing. I really live by that! I would love to meet you to start making moments into memories with YOU! Thanks for listening, the pool is calling my name now! 🌞 Hope to see you really soon!


Hi! My name is Bo! Some even call me Handsome-Bo. Maybe it’s because of my eyebrows…Look at these bad boys! 😏 And I didn’t even have to pay for them! They are nice, and expressive. I am an expressive guy! That’s what my foster home says. I love to be vocal and talk to them when I play. Adding extra growls and howls just makes everything so much more fun! 🐾 Playing is one of my favorite things to do! I love to find friends to play, wrestle and run with. Big people, little people, cats, and I do my best with girl dogs. I prefer to play with the ladies. Who wouldn’t, they’re just so beautiful 💗 If you have a lady dog friend at home for me to play with, I would love that! But if not, that’s okay too. Me and you playing tug of war and just hanging sounds like the best day ever! I am really just looking for my special person to love on and to find someone who loves me too. ❤️ 🏠 ❤️ I wear my heart on my sleeve. I have a big personality, that just shines so bright! ⭐ I’m a goofy, fun, bouncy kinda guy! Life is too short to hold anything in! My foster mama says I’m cute, easy to train and eager to learn and please. I have so much love to give, and there is so much life to live! Maybe it could it be with you?! Gotta go, my friends are here! Hope to see you soon! 🐾🤎🖤🤍🐾


History: Stray
I am a sweet girl with lots to learn and a bundle of energy. I am smart and try my hardest to understand and please (especially when a treat is my reward). I am 100% house trained and as of age 6 months have not had any accidents (as long as I am on a good potty break routine and/or you know my signals for needing to get outside). I know how to “Sit”, “Shake a Paw”, “Down” and I am working on my “Come Here” and “Stay” commands. I walk well on my Leash and I am learning the command “heel” but there is so many interesting things to see and sniff and try to catch (Magpies and Squirrels just beg me chase them) and I love meeting people and other dogs. I will definitely need reinforcement of my walking manners to keep me well behaved on leash.
I am also learning to play fetch, I like my tennis ball and just need to work on giving it back, and I love taking sticks for a walk with me, my favorite walking trail has a Stick Library which I enjoy taking a few loans from!! I have lots of ENERGY so going to a Family that likes to be active and go for long walks would be a perfect home for me. My Foster Mom say I would love camping this Summer, spending time in the great outdoors and doing lots of hikes …..I can’t wait!! I would also love a home with a yard as I like being outside and running and playing and using up the energy I have. I am a very pretty Girl with an expressive face, at least that’s what I hear everyone say to me when they meet me! I love getting lots of attention and pets and my Foster Mom thinks I will be a snuggle buddy when I eventually get out of the go go go puppy stage. I am Kennel trained so sleep nights in my Kennel and also stay in there when my Foster Mom has to go somewhere and I settle really well and just nap.
They called me Nova, for November, as I was rescued from being found all alone and left outside during the first cold snap in November, I definitely am grateful to Hope Lives Here for rescuing me and I love my warm and cozy foster home. If you are ready for some Puppy love and antics, and having a furry best Friend and walking companion please ask Hope Lives here to set up a meet and greet and say “yes” to adopting me and giving me my furever home!
Puppy Kisses,

Barbie - Pending Adoption

Just a 🎶Barbie girl living in a Barbie world🎶, searching for her very own dream home/family!

Barb is a slow moving, lazy girl! If you’re looking for a marathon training 🏃‍♀️ partner, unfortunately she’s not your girl.

IF you enjoy short walks, couch snuggles, long naps and snacks, Barbie is the ULTIMATE DREAM dog. She loves dogs, people & is curious about cats 🐈 & birds 🦅 but minds her business when they’re around.

Barbie is a low energy girl so another low-energy dog 🐶 in the house would be nice to keep her company, she’d also do well as an only dog getting all the attention! She adores tummy rubs & will snort to tell you how happy she is.
Barbie’s goal is to find a loving home 🏡 where she has a soft spot to lay down after breakfast 🍳 & a walk around the block. Bonus points if her human or her dog friends let her in for a cuddle. Barbie would absolutely love to meet you & start making memories!


History : Came into care with mom & siblings at a day old
Hi! I’m Charlie! I’m on the search 🔎 for my furever home. I would like to tell you a little bit about myself because maybe it could be with you!? ❤️🏠❤️
One important thing about me is I have so much 💙LOVE💙 to give. I get along with all dogs, all shapes, sizes, and ages! I love having another pal around to play with so much! I’ve enjoyed meeting big people, kids, and everyone in between. I don’t discriminate. It has been so much fun being here but I would love to settle into a home of my very own. I haven’t met many cats yet but my foster home thinks I would do just fine with them too. Maybe I will get to one day!
I’m learning quickly. I can sit, stay, wait and know how to use a doggy door! Pretty proud of myself!
I am kennel trained at my foster home when they are away at work and at bedtime ( I sleep in the kennel in the living room)
I had a chance at a forever home but it seems I didn’t do well in the kennel when someone is home ( I just wanna be with my people when they’re home lol )
So if you’re looking for a pup that can be kennelled during the day while you work from home / do stuff around the house without me joining, you’ll need to give me some time & patience while I learn to just chill in my kennel with a good toy or bone.
I know I’m a teenager and don’t get me wrong I LOVE being young and doing all the fun things but sometimes I feel like an old soul. I equally love chilling and just snuggling up and enjoying the quiet, peaceful times in life too. Balance is key! ☯️
The next thing about me is that I need some help getting into the car. That thing is weird, man. Once I get in, I don’t mind it. Maybe you can have patience with me and help me sometimes too?
My motto is that I believe life is all about sharing all the love and kindness we have inside with others! If you believe this too, I think we will get along just great and would love to meet you. Thanks for listening! Okay I gotta go do puppy stuff now BYYYEEEEE ✌️☮️


History: London and her siblings were rescued from a farm where there had been a backyard breeding situation and they had been left in a stock trailer for an extended period of time a concerned neighbor managed to get the dogs out of that situation and HLH was brought on board for vetting and rehoming .

Description : London is a brilliant pup who absolutely thrives on pleasing people . She is very quick to learn boundaries, training skills and new tricks . She loves to run and is a very high energy dog who will require regular activity and enrichment to challenge her brain and keep her out of mischief.
She is great snuggler and loves treats. London loves attention but can be timid and will need TLC and to continue meeting lots of people 

white dog with eye patch for adoption yeg


History: came from a community we work with

I am a sweet boy with lots of love to give!
I’m a friendly giant that enjoys meeting new friends. I’m learning to walk well on my Leash. I’ve know the commands sit, & shake a paw. I enjoy playing with my human & Dogo pals & it’s even better when water is involved. I like to run around the yard playing chase, throwing or ripping apart a squeaker ball or stuffy. I’m even good at just lazing about and getting belly rubs. I’m 100% house trained & I use a crate when my foster mom is out of the house.
If you’d like to know more about me contact HLH and ask about meeting Jasper.


 History : Chip came into care from one of the communities we work with 

Description: Chip is my name and playing is my favorite game! 🐾 Fetch, tug of war, splashing in the water 💦, it’s all the same! Fun is my aim! My foster mama at times tries to tame, but I think that’s kinda lame 😝 I am a puppy after all, no shame! 😎 The days are just too exciting to sit around, I wanna do stuff! Do you like to go on adventures too? Can I come with you?! I can be shy at times too. Maybe you can show me around! Oh that would be SO GREAT! Do you have a dog already? I would love to play with them too! Cats looks weird but I think they could be fun too. Kids seem kinda like me and that’s pretty cool, good to play with! I have a lot of energy. I’m learning to be gentle and use my manners! Maybe you could be patient and teach me more too? I’m learning so much everyday and am doing really good if I do say so myself! ☺️ I am never too busy to get all the pets and loves though 🥹❤️. I have so much love to give. After a busy day I love to cuddle up. I can also sleep all night quietly in my bed like the goodest boy! One of my friends told me they were getting adopted and it sounded like the BEST thing ever! I hope I’m lucky enough to find my furever home soon too! 🏠 Maybe it could be with you?! Oh my gosh, I just heard my foster mom say WALK! 🫨🫨🫨🎉🎉🎉 GOTTA GOOOOO BYEEEE ❤️


 Description: Kaia is a very unique looking girl! She has a heart shape that makes up most of her face ❤️. When I look at her I am reminded that the heart is such a beautiful symbol for love, kindness and compassion. Something that the world 🌎 could always use a little more of, and something that dogs give us so freely and in such abundance. The feeling of love in its absolute purest form. When we are our authentic selves and we can share that with another being without any judgements. Dogs have been amazingly inspiring teachers for this. If you have been lucky enough to love and be loved by any animal, you understand. And if you haven’t, maybe this is your sign!✨✨✨ Kaia is looking for her furever home 🏠 and furever person. To have a safe, warm place to cuddle up, and fill your life with all of that beautiful love. She’s a curious little one and is enjoying seeing what life is all about. She would love someone to sit with her, wrap their arm around her and watch together as the birds fly by! 🕊️ When she’s not bird watching she is sassy and full of life. She loves to play in the water! 💦 She also LOVES her dog pals. She would absolutely THRIVE if she had a friend to play with!🐾 She is learning so much everyday and is such a good girl. She sleeps in her kennel at night, she’s almost potty trained, and is doing great walking on a leash! Maybe you are the one she has been looking for? Someone to show her how big of a heart us humans can have too ❤️!


 History : She came in from the spay & neuter task force from a community in northern Alberta Description : 🐾 Meet our delightful Gabby! 🐶❤️ Gabby is an incredibly sweet and lovable pup, and we are so fortunate to have her in our care. She has an impressive ability to learn tricks quickly, making training sessions an absolute pleasure. Gabby’s love for adventure and exercise shines through when she’s out on runs or at the park. If you drop the leash and take off, get ready for an exciting chase because Gabby will eagerly follow you, her tail wagging with excitement. Her enthusiasm for outdoor activities is infectious and brings a smile to everyone’s face. 🏃‍♀️🌳 When it comes to walking on a leash, Gabby is a true superstar. She walks with grace and poise, never pulling or causing any hassle. Her leash manners are impeccable, making every walk a peaceful and enjoyable experience for both her and her human companion. 🐾🚶‍♀️ Gabby’s affectionate nature extends to everyone she meets, and she absolutely adores being showered with pets and cuddles. Her love knows no bounds, and she is always ready to snuggle up and receive all the love and attention she can get. Additionally, Gabby thoroughly enjoys playing with other animals, displaying her friendly and social personality. 🐾💕