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lab mix dog for adoption in edmonton

Sadie ( the lady)

Here is a little about me:
🌼 I’m super energetic and love to play!
🌼 Once I get to know you, I’m the most loving and affectionate girl ever!
🌼 I don’t like to be alone, but working on more independence
🌼 I’m finally kennel trained and I can sleep through the night!!
🌼 I love kids, but sometimes I’m shy around males
🌼 I love to play with all my doggy friends!
🌼 My favourite place to sleep is at the foot of the bed

If you’re looking to add a beautiful, loving, and affectionate dog to your home, Sadie is your girl!! She takes a bit to warm up to men but with a few tasty treats and a day or two she’ll be your BFF. Her foster home is a male and she adored him after a few days ❤️ 


Chevy is approximately 1 year old. He is 100% a puppy. He is a big boy weighing 83lbs and very much still growing. He has herding/working breeds in him. That being said he would do well on an acreage with a job. He is very affectionate and loves being inside, snuggled up to his humans. He requires an active home with a strong leader as he is incredibly high energy and hard headed. We walk a minimum of 2 hours a day. He becomes bored easily, no fault of his own, he was born to have a job. He wants to herd everything; humans, dogs, bikes. We have been diligently working on his leash manners which are really great. His recall has come leaps and bounds, but still requires work. He will run for hours and hours, it’s pretty much his favorite thing. We spend a lot of time hiking and camping. He has a high prey drive. He has met many different dogs and has done well with them. He has only ever displayed submissive behaviour. He thinks he is a Chihuahua and will try to curl up on your lap. He is a super sweet, stubborn boy. He has been free run in the house since day one and does great( if excersised)I know in the right home he will be an amazing addition. I know this foster mom is pretty head over heels for this heeler😉


History : Came in from a community we work with


Kevin is such a sweet funny boy. He knows all of the commands, great on walks, good with cats and dogs(with proper introductions) He is great with kids. He loves to play with his foster siblings. He enjoys sitting on the deck basking in the sun. He really thinks he should be included in everything you do, whether it be cooking dinner, cleaning the house or having a shower lol he doesnt want to miss a thing. His favorite thing in the world is cuddle time. He loves going for car rides. As the time goes on he is becoming more and more comfortable and becoming the dog he is meant to be. You can see his gentle, goofy personality shining through. He would do great in a home with children and another dog that will include him in their daily activities.


History : Came in from one of the Spay & Neuter Task Force Clinics

Hi guys!! my name is Zola,

I am a vibrant, fun loving, and cuddly girl!! I love curling up at my foster moms feet anywhere she may be…I love my toys and am loving my foster siblings big and small!! They are soo much fun to play with.

I am crate trained and proud!! No problems there at all 🙂

I am working on my house and leash training as im still just a baby 🙂

Im learning to sit for and wait my turn for treats and doing very well, and meal time im working on not being sooo excited.. its nice not having to search for it, my foster family brings it right to me.. so cool!! 


History: She came from a community we work with. She was scared and alone sitting outside a store and the owners were going to get rid of her one way or another 🥹
Hi there, I’m Molly. I’m a big loveable puppy with a rough start story. My foster mama brought me home after mean humans scared me and weren’t nice to me. I want to trust again and I am almost fully there! If you have a furry friend that I can meet, I will already know you are good people and I will follow their lead for pets and love. I feel safest in my kennel with my bed and love love love playing with toys, I even play a mean game of keep away all by myself lol. I just learned that mama’s big bed is super comfy and I really do like to snuggle and bring her toys to share. I’m doing so good with potty training and love spending my mornings outside. My foster family says I’m beautiful and smart and will surely complete somebody’s family one day soon. This girl is hands down one of the sweetest girls around

Tiny - Available for foster to adopt

Please read post in its entirety, Tiny will need to meet his family to be a few times before he’ll be comfortable to begin to bond with you.

Tiny came from a home with multiple dogs & not much human contact. Tiny is very comfortable with other dogs and takes awhile to be comfortable & trust humans

Tiny has made great strides working through his fear in his foster home. He is now comfortable and acts like a normal dog. He loves to chase his ball! Wrestle with the dogs. He chases his tail! He lived with us for 6 weeks before he reached this level of comfort. Potential Adopters will need patience and a calm demeanor to win over this pup!

Tiny is smart!! He takes his time assessing new situations. He is very intuitive. He has always known that the bathroom is outside. The only accidents were from him peeing because he was nervous. He loves his kennel and it is also a must in his new home for him to have a safe place while he adjusts.
He has shown normal puppy behavior of giving everything a chew, but he is easily redirected and loves his chew bones!

Tiny is not food motivated when he is scared. He is now taking treats from his foster mom. He has learned sit & will continue to learn other skills the more comfortable he gets.

Tiny is such a sweet guy! He is playful and is just learning to play with people. He will timidly come stand next to foster mom when he wants affection, like he is too shy to ask for it! It melts your heart. He won over his foster sister, Dixie, another dog in the home that typically does not like any of the fosters that pass through. She plays with Tiny and lays next to him. It is a rare dog that can break through to her! Tiny has a real goofy side, his tongue lolls out to one side after he is zooming around, and it makes him look so silly and cute! He pounces on his ball. He loves people food and will try to steal from you without being seen…. its very cute! He does not bark very often and I have never heard him howl, and I’ve tried to get a husky howl out of him. So if anyone wanted the only quiet husky in the world! This is your guy!!! 

Nova is a sweet mixed breed shepard dog for adoption in edmonton


History: Stray


History: Birdie came into care with her sister after we received a call from a concerned citizen. They were found in a box in the middle of a bush
mixed breed young dog for adoption in edmonton


History: Stubs came in with his Momma & brothers from a community we work with


Hey! I’m Stubs! I’m on the hunt for my furever home! 🏠 Let me tell you a little about myself!

I am still a puppy and I’m having so much fun learning about this crazy thing called life! It’s pretty awesome so far! I have met so many friends! Dog friends, cat friends, kid friends. Everyone is my friend! I love playing so so so much and will play with everyone!

I am a pretty happy, sweet, easy going kind of guy. At least that’s what my foster home says. They also tell me I’m pretty handsome too 😏 I mean…. Look at me 😘

I LOVE playing outside! No matter the weather. From running through the cold, white, fluffy stuff ❄️ to splashing in the pool or playing in the sprinkler 💦 Aaahhh it is the BEST! My foster home has a pool with a pedal that I press and the water squirts up! Can you believe how fun that is? Do you love having outside adventures too?

I am learning a lot. Like how to sit, and to recall. After learning, and playing all day I fall asleep in my crate all night long 🥱💤. But I also really love to cuddle and snuggle up. Maybe we could cuddle up together after a fun day? That sounds so nice, to find a home of my very own one day. 🥰🥰🥰

When you live in the moment, you won’t miss a thing. I really live by that! I would love to meet you to start making moments into memories with YOU! Thanks for listening, the pool is calling my name now! 🌞 Hope to see you really soon!

mixed breed dog for adoption in edmonton


History: came from a community we work with

I am a sweet boy with lots of love to give!
I’m a friendly giant that enjoys meeting new friends. I’m learning to walk well on my Leash. I know the commands sit, & shake a paw. I enjoy playing with my human & Dogo pals & it’s even better when water is involved. I like to run around the yard playing chase, throwing or ripping apart a squeaker ball or stuffy. I’m even good at just lazing about and getting belly rubs. I’m 100% house trained & I use a crate when my foster mom is out of the house.
If you’d like to know more about me contact HLH and ask about meeting Jasper