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dog for adoption. Adult dog companion. Adopt Adult dog in edmonton.

Papa Dre

History : Dre came in from one of the communities we partner with

Description : Dre is the perfect boy. He very rarely barks. He is good free in the house has had a couple accidents but he is left too long without going out. He loves his person and will be with you wherever you go. He enjoys being outside sunning . Dre is a very smart boy and listens very well when called. He needs the perfect home where he gets all the attention he deserves

Adult dog for adoption. Adult dog companion. Adopt Adult dog in edmonton.


History : Dave came in from one of our target communities while our team was distributing dog food to the community members

Description: Dave is very playful and get attached quick. He loves toys and loves to play. He’s a bit of a bulldozer and he’s learning space & boundaries but he’s a great boy !! Are you looking for a dog like Dave ? Apply today !! 

Black dog for adoption. Adult dog companion. Adopt Adult dog in edmonton.


History : Ekko was found alone, pretty skinny & very hungry in one of the communities we work with

Description: Ekko is a very spunky but sweet girl. She’s working hard on learning that puppy teeth belong on puppy toys and that her foster momma only wants kisses not puppy bites lol
She’s come a long ways and is very very smart. Her foster mom says her smart brain is what gets her into mischief lol Ekko will need an active home as she’s a very active pup!
She truly is just a typical puppy but with continued training and exercise we believe Ekko will be an exceptionally smart dog!!

If you’re interested in this beautiful girl and are willing to continue working with Ekko to be the best girl she can be you won’t be disappointed in the results

Brody- Black dog for adoption. Adult dog companion. Adopt Adult dog in edmonton.


History Came into care from a partnership rescue from one of the communities we work with.

Description. Brody is going to be a big boy when he’s all grown up. He’s a typical puppy that loves to run and play with other dogs. He’s a bit nervous with people and loves the reassurance of attention. Wherever you are he will be close behind. He does fairly well on a leash and is well behaved in a car. Still working on potty training. His energy level is medium but he still needs a fair amount of exercise. Like most puppies he can get into mischief if he gets bored. He will be a very loyal companion.

Nova- Blacka nd Brown colored puppy for adoption. Adult dog companion.


History: Stray

I am a sweet girl with lots to learn, but I am smart and try my hardest to understand (especially when a treat is my reward). I know how to “Sit” and have almost mastered “Down” but that is a hard one cause my but is so wiggly it does not want to stay put! I am doing really well on my potty training and learning how to walk on my Leash but there is so many interesting things to see and sniff and try to catch and people and other dogs to meet…… that I will definitely need reinforcement of my walking manners to keep me well behaved on leash.
I am also learning to play fetch, I like my tennis ball and just need to work on giving it back, I return it but I sometimes don’t want to let go of it!! I have lots of energy so going to a Family that likes to be active and go for long walks would be a perfect home for me. I would also love a home with a yard as I think I’m gonna grow up to be a big girl ….. at least that’s what I hear everyone say to me when they meet me! I love getting lots of attention and pets and my Foster Mom thinks I will be a snuggle buddy when I eventually get out of the go go go puppy stage. I am Kennel trained so sleep nights in my Kennel and also stay in there when my Foster Mom has to go somewhere and I settle really well and just nap.
They called me Nova, for November, as I was rescued from being found all alone and left outside during the first cold snap in November, I definitely am grateful to Hope Lives Here for recuing me and I love my warm and cozy foster home. I am a Puppy though and I think my full name is “Nova, NO” as my Foster Mom calls me that a lot, I am just being a Puppy and doing Puppy things though but I do try my hardest to listen and behave! If you are ready for some Puppy love and antics, excited about watching me grow up and teaching me best manners, I will be your best friend forever! Please say “ Nova, YES” to adopting me and giving me my furever home!
Puppy Kisses,

Wynx- a special need dog is for adoption in Edmonton. Adult Dog for adoption in edmonton.


Description : Winx is a wonderful pup, she is shy when she first meets you but warms up quickly. She loves her humans, she has picked her favorite and will be with you wherever you go. She rarely barks only when someone comes to the door or sometimes when she has to go outside. She is good at being free in the house, but loves having out with her kennel with the door open so she can come and go as she pleases. She loves playing fetch and being outside. Going for walks are her favorite, she is a little shy when walking past other people and pups. She will usually watch them as they walk past.If you think Winx would be a great fit for your family please apply

Gwen a brwn and black colored puppy for adoption in edmontion


Sweet Gwen is a little lady looking for her forever home. Gwen came into care severely underweight, but has quickly blossomed into a healthy girl! Gwen is fabulous with every dog she’s met so far, she’ll play shy at first and then show you her goofy side as soon as she feels comfortable. She’s fully house trained, has been great on short, leashed walks and thinks of her crate as her safe space. She loves naps with her people and would thrive in almost any home with or without other pets. Gwen would love to meet, if you think she could be the girl for you! 

Merry- White Adult dog for adoption. Adult dog companion in edmonton


Meet Merry! Merry is an incredibly special girl. She was brought into care in rough shape and is almost 100% deaf, though she is constantly looking at you for signals, as she just wants to please her people. Merry loves people, dogs, toys, walks and snacks! She has the wiggliest bum and the biggest smile when she’s getting tummy rubs or when she’s having a really good nap. Merry is house and crate trained and loves a good car ride. She is the absolute best at cuddles and her happy snorts are the cutest sounds. Merry would love to start the new year off with her forever family, could that be you? 

Daisy-a brown colored puppy for adoption in edmonton


History: Daisy came into care with her mom Ally and her 5 siblings when they were 2 days old.

Description: If you are looking for a best friend a side kick a partner in crime then Daisy is your girl. She is a very sweet, lovable, cuddly girl who wants to be with you as much as possible. She loves to play both with you and with other dogs. She would do really well kids and other dogs or with with anyone who has a lot of love to give…

She’s doing very well with potty training and goes outside very well to pee and poop. She is expen and kennel training but loves nothing more than to be part of what ever you are doing! She’s a little shadow!
She is super smart and learns very quickly. She knows sit already!

This little girl will fill your home with love and laughter at her little quirks( the head tilt). And the wrinkles!!!! Oh those wrinkles!!!! ❤️