Brown Adult Dog up for adoption in Edmonton
happy rescued dogs

We received a call about a dog that was attacked by a group of dogs in one of our target communities. One of our volunteers rushed out to assess the situation and quickly realized she needed immediate medical intervention.

She was quickly seen by one of our partner vets and a treatment plan was put in place. Karma’s wounds were extremely extensive and some of the worst injuries we’ve ever seen. Once she landed in a foster home that knew how to care for her wounds and the dead flesh was removed, she began to slowly heal from the inside out. Through all of this, karma remained super sweet and she held no grudges against any dog she met, despite the fact thatother dogs did this to her.

Karma’s caretaker/foster wanted to adopt her but unfortunately allergies developed with one of her children and she had to make the decision to place her back into our care and into a new foster home.

She was moved to the home and quickly became a part of their family and found a best doggie friend named Jimmy, an HLH alumni. When it came time to screen applicants for Karma, the Karras’ family decided that Karma was home all along and they couldn’t let her go.

That was the day Karma found her forever and became Karma Karras.