Milk River Rescue


In 2014 more than 200 dogs were seized from April Irving’s property in Milk River, Alberta. The seizure of the dogs made headlines as one of the worst cases of animal neglect in Alberta.

Alberta Animal Rescue Society spearheaded the seizure along with the ABSPCA and from there the dogs went into foster homes with various rescues within Alberta.  HLH had foster homes available to take 5 adult dogs.  We made the trip to Calgary to pick the 5 new HLH dogs. 

Shortly after placing Spirit in her foster home, Jolene, our foster coordinator at the time, started to realize that this dog was “a bit different”. She quickly made the realization that Miss Beautiful Spirit was not all dog but a wolf dog. Our founder reached out to Georgina at Yamnuska Wolf dog Sanctuary in Cochrane, Alberta, and she agreed to meet Spirit and assess if she was truly a wolf dog.

Our founder drove out to the sanctuary the next day with Spirit and it was concluded that she indeed was part wolf. Georgina agreed to take her in to her sanctuary.

Spirit was adopted from the sanctuary by an experienced wolf dog owner and the other 4 Milk River dogs Wednesday, Kizmit, Willow & Timber all found their forever homes soon after being brought into care.

Wolf dog rescued
Dog for adoption
white Adult Dog up for adoption in Edmonton
On-location Recovery -- Hope Lives Here Rescue society team to rescue a husky dog.